Hampshire police crack down on doorstep crimes

Hampshire Constabulary have been cracking down on doorstep crimes this week and stopped around 700 commercial vehicles to check they were legitimate.

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Police stop 700 vehicles to try and catch rogue traders

Hampshire Constabulary have been supporting a week long operation to stop doorstep crimes by visiting 1000 previous victims and stopping 700 commercial vehicles to check they were legitimate.

Hampshire Police stopping commercial vehicles to check they are legitimate Credit: Hampshire Police

Of the 700 vehicles stopped, two arrests were made. One of those included a man who was wanted for rogue trader offences in Coventry.

He was charged with offences including fraud by false representation.

Officers checked on victims of doorstep crimes or internet and telephone scams to check they were alright and to see if they could offer any more advice.

Two arrests were made from pulling commercial vehicle drivers over in Hampshire Credit: Hampshire Police

PC Steve Court said, "Our aim is to support our communities and raise awareness of doorstep criminals and their tricks they use to gain access to victim's homes or to trick them out of their money.

"This is a particularly callous and despicable crime that affects vulnerable people in the place they should feel the safest- their own homes.

"Hopefully our action this week has demonstrated our ongoing commitment to target perpetrators of these crimes and ensure they can not operate in Hampshire."

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