Hampshire Police warn against acetylene cylinders

Homeowners and businesses in Hampshire are being encouraged to consider their use of acetylene cylinders.

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Warning as dangerous cylinders cause spate of fires

Businesses across Hampshire are being warned not to use acetylene cylinders Credit: Hampshire Police

People across Hampshire are being warned against the use of acetylene cylinders after they caused a spate of fires.

Hampshire Fire Service attended a property fire on Sunday 13th April in Farnborough where the cylinders were involved.

The building in Priory Street, Farnborough was severely damaged by the cylinders Credit: Hampshire Police

The owner of the property suffered serious burns highlighting the effects acetylene cylinders can have when involved in a fire.

The property was destroyed and there was a greater risk to life because the cylinders were involved Credit: Hampshire Police

Group Manager Steve Trevethick, who was at the scene of the fire, said: Acetylene cylinders are more hazardous than other types of pressurised gas cylinders as they can continue to heat up when involved in a fire which can cause an explosion.

“Due to the nature of acetylene we are urging people and businesses to seriously consider if they need to use this piece of equipment or whether it could be replaced by another process.”

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