New HS2 plans to 'tunnel under countryside' to be unveiled

Councils and MPs in Buckinghamshire will outline alternative plans to the controversial High Speed 2 rail scheme, with suggestions of tunnelling underneath the countryside instead of through it.

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Underground HS2 raises hopes for locals

Local businesses and residents are hopeful that the HS2 rail will use an underground tunnel and protect existing wildlife areas. If the tunnel goes ahead, it provides a solution for the new high speed railway link as the countryside will remain largely unaffected.

Juliette Fletcher has been to find out how the HS2 plans affect those living near the proposed line.

Plans from MPs and councils to be unveiled about HS2

Plans from councils and MPs from Buckinghamshire could suggest putting HS2 in underground tunnels Credit: ITV Meridian

Alternative plans to the controversial High Speed Two plan will be revealed by councils and MPs today in Buckinghamshire.

It is thought that instead of building HS2 through the Chilterns, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a report suggesting tunnelling underneath the countryside could be an option.

It has also been reported that around 500 wildlife sites will be affected by the development of HS2.

Estimates by the Wildlife Trust suggests the proposals will damage and destroy more wildlife habitats and populations of wild species than it will take steps to replace.


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