More than 20 questioned after march through Brighton

More than 20 people have been questioned by police in connection with Sunday's March for England through Brighton.

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Sussex Police thank residents and traders after march

Thankfully there were no serious injuries and I am satisfied with the initial assessment of the way it was policed. However, I know there was disruption to the seafront and the city and it is very important we work in partnership with the businesses and city council to look at the impact it has for any future events. I would especially like to thank residents, traders and visitors for the their patience and co-operation and in particular our colleagues in local authorities, transport providers and other emergency services for their assistance.

– Supintendent Steve Whitton, Sussex Police

Sussex Police say march passed "without incident"

Police presence in Brighton Credit: ITV News Meridian

Sussex Police say Sunday's March for England in Brighton passed without any major incident. Supintendent Steve Whitton said: "The main march and counter protest passed relatively peacefully, with smaller numbers on both sides than previous years."

" There were between 400 and 500 counter protesters and around 200 for the March for England. While there have been a few incidents around the city these were swiftly dealt with. There were a few minor injuries, and one person who was arrested was treated at hospital."

Sussex Police reported that 27 arrests had been made for offences including affray, ABH, possession of offensive weapons and other public order offences.


March for England shuts down businesses in Brighton


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