Manston Airport to close

Manston Airport will close on the 15th of May, workers have been told.

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Union 'very angry' over Manston closure

Unite have expressed their unhappiness at the decision to close the airport Credit: ITV Meridian

Unite, Britain's biggest union, have expressed fury at the decision to close Manston Airport despite viable offers being made to buy the airport.

Around 140 jobs will be lost at the Kent airport when it closes on the 15th May.

There have been discussions with potential buyers following the announcement in March that jobs are placed at risk.

Unite regional officer Ian McCoulough said:

We are shocked and very angry. We can’t believe that the owners of Manston have rejected a viable offer to buy the airport which would leave the owners in profit. We believe Manston should continue as a viable airport.

"It is vital to the local economy in terms of employment and economic growth in Kent. "

RiverOak 'distressed' to learn of Manston Closure

RiverOak Investment Corp LLC, the company who had its formal offer to buy Manston Airport rejected, says it is still willing to engage with 'all parties' to save the airport.

RiverOak is distressed to learn of the announced closure of Manston today and remains willing to engage with all parties to achieve a solution which allows the airport to continue operating and preserves the jobs of its staff."

– RiverOak Investment Corp LLC


BREAKING: Manston Airport to close on May 15th

Following a meeting with staff this morning, I can confirm the collective consultation has failed to identify a viable alternative that would allow the airport to remain open.

Proposals put forward by staff were carefully considered by the management and owners but these proposals would still have required ongoing substantial losses be subsidised and therefore were not viable.

In the absence of other options, the decision has been taken to close the airport on the 15th May...

– Spokesperson for Manston Airport
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