Fox cub escapes injury after being trapped in net

A young fox has escaped injury after becoming caught in netting in Poole.

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Fox cub found with netting around neck

The young fox became caught in netting in Poole Credit: RSPCA

A six-week-old fox cub was found in Dorset with netting wrapped around his neck.

The house owner contacted the RSPCA after she stopped the fox had become trapped in the nets surrounding a chicken coup on the 30th April.

The animal was then freed and taken to the charity's West Hatch Wildlife Centre near Taunton.

RSPCA inspector Graham Hammond attended and said: “The fox was struggling to get free and as soon as I managed to untangle and loosen some of the netting he was able to breathe better.

“We always warn people of the dangers of netting and wire to wildlife and ask them to check it regularly and discard any unused netting.

“However, in this case the caller was doing just that and let us know as soon as the fox became caught so we’re grateful to them for getting in touch before the fox became any more entangled or hurt."

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