Persistent snake found in Southsea flat

A Corn snake shocked owners at a flat in Hampshire when they found the creature hiding in a kitchen cupboard.

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Persistent snake found in Southsea kitchen cupboard

The property tenants think the snake could have been living in the cupboard since they moved in Credit: Kayleigh Neal

A Southsea resident got the shock of her life when she found a snake in her kitchen cupboard which she safely moved - only to find the snake back in her home within a week.

Kayleigh Neal, 27, from Southsea, and her brother Will who share the flat have now decided to keep the snake as pet.

The snake gave Kayleigh a fright when she opened her kitchen cupboard Credit: Kayleigh Neal

Kayleigh said: "At first when I saw the snake I was completely in shock and jumped to the other side of the room. I was panicking and quite animated which I think scared the snake as it started moving. I immediately took a photo as then I thought people could identify if it was dangerous or not."

Will with the snake which they have taken a shine to Credit: Kayleigh Neal

Kayleigh decided to call the RSPCA and contact her friend who was a police officer and managed to safely take the snake away.

However, less than a week later, the snake had returned to the same cupboard.

The siblings live in a flat on the ground floor and think the snake may have been sealed in when the building was converted from a pub a year ago.

Despite the initial shock at seeing the reptile in her kitchen, Kayleigh has decided to keep the snake as a pet.

She said: "I find it funny he obviously wants to live with us. I feel like I've bonded with him over this experience which is funny."

Kayleigh says she's formed a bond with the snake over the experience Credit: Kayleigh Neal
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