South East water main bursts

South East Water was alerted to a burst on a large strategic water main.

Live updates

Water supplies restored in Canterbury

South East Water have restored water supplies to tens of thousands of homes in Canterbury after a water main burst this morning.

The burst water main meant that 24,000 properties in Canterbury and the surrounding area had low water pressure or no water.

Six homes still remain without water and bottled water has been provided until the pipe has been repaired.

Although we re-routed supplies quickly following the burst, due to the high number of water pipes in the city it took time for all customers to have their water supplies restored. This is because we need to protect the water mains system against further failures by releasing the water into the network slowly and in a controlled manner."

– Tony Hillocks, Distribution Manager at South East Water

Large water main bursts in Kent

A large South East Water water main burst in Kent this morning.

The strategic water main - which is half a metre in diameter - burst open in a field along Whitehall Road in Canterbury at around 4am.

A technician was sent to investigate and altered the water flow to restore supplies to customers whilst repairs were undertaken.

Customers' supplies were being restored at 7am and technicians said it could take several hours before all supplies are restored.

To ensure the safety of the water main network in large towns and cities an automatic system which shuts down the pipelines in the area when a burst occurs.

This is to protect the pumps and water main network against further failures on the system.

A large number of properties were affected with either no water or low water pressure following the burstWe are aware of six properties which will be off until the water main is repaired and we are speaking with them directly and providing bottled water. Work will take place today to repair the pipeline, however due to its size the location of the burst the repair will be a complex one. ”

– Tony Hillocks, Distribution Manager at South East Water


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