Gay penguins raise a baby at wildlife park

Two same sex penguins are raising a chick at Wingham WIldlife Park in Kent.

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Gay penguins' role as surrogate parents

Happy family! The two male penguins look after the chick Credit: Wingham Wildlife Park

Two same-sex Humboldt Penguins at Wingham Wildlife Park are being used as surrogate parents for an egg, and now newly-hatched chick. It was abandoned by the mother, after her male partner refused to share the egg incubation process.

Male penguins team up to raise a chick

The chick was raised by Jumbs and Kermit Credit: Wingham Wildlife Park

Two same sex penguins have reared a chick at a wildlife park in Kent. An egg was placed in a nest box, where Jumbs and Kermit kept a watchful eye. The two penguins operated a shift system and even fed the chick. The entire family is reported to be 'doing well' at Wingham Wildlife Park.


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