Fraudsters con vulnerable pensioners out of billions

People across the south risk losing their savings, as international scamming operations target the UK. Officials estimate people are losing between £11bn and £14bn in a year.

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Family have filtered victim's mail for five years

"Psychological warfare" - that's how trading standards officers have described the operations of scammers who target vulnerable people through the post and over the phone. They've launched a counter-offensive to raise awareness. The con artists cost people billions of pounds every year.

In Hampshire, council staff are receiving nearly 800 complaints a year from people who've been targeted. In Sussex a special investigation uncovered 400 cases. The average of those affected is 74. Trading Standards officials say anyone can fall for the scams, so persuasive are the fraudsters.

Hannah Costigan has been to meet one family who've taken desperate measures to protect a relative.

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