US Navy finds the hull of the missing Cheeki Rafiki yacht

The US coastguard has confirmed that a US Navy warship helicopter crew have located the overturned hull of the Cheeki Rafiki 1,000 miles offshore the coast of Massachusetts earlier this evening.

Live updates

US Navy say despite finding the hull of the Cheeki Rafiki they still plan to call off the search later tonight

In a statement the Coastguard say the warship diverted to the location and deployed a boat crew and surface swimmer to assess the boat. The surface swimmer confirmed the name on the ship was Cheeki Rafiki and went in the water to investigate further.

The swimmer determined the boat's cabin was flooded and windows were shattered, contributing to the complete flooding inside. The swimmer also knocked on the hull and reached an arm's length below the waterline with no results.

Navy crews observed that the sailing vessel's keel was broken off, causing a breech in the hull. The hull sighting has not impacted search planning as teams continue to look for a bright-colored life raft as their search object.

Search operations will be suspended at midnight Friday local time unless new information or sightings suggested the crew would still be alive. None of the current developments indicate that to be the case.

– US Coastguard


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