Gosport Mayor banned from town's pubs hours into office

There are calls for the mayor of Gosport to resign after he was banned from the town's pubs just hours after taking office.

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Exclusive: The Mayor banned from his town's pubs or clubs says "I was neither drunk not threatening".

The Mayor of Gosport Wayne Ronayne has been telling ITV Meridian that he was "neither drunk or disorderly" when he was banned from his town's pubs and clubs.

Speaking exclusively to us, he said he wanted to tell his side of the story. He is appealing against a six month ban, imposed by Pub Watch, a group made up of local publicans.

His partner, Mayoress Paula Carter has been told she can't step into a bar or club in Gosport for 12 months. Both deny improper behaviour.

Liberal Democrat councillor Peter Chegwyn says the Mayor should resign.

But Mr Ronayne says he's a hard working councillor at Gosport Borough Council and does not need to step down.

So what exactly happened on the night - and what now for a councillor elected Mayor? Mr Ronayne tells us his side of the story.

Gosport Mayor: "I was neither drunk nor threatening"

Cllr Wayne Ronayne wishes it to be known, that whilst he was in company with a group of family and friends post the Mayor Making ceremony on Wednesday last week, he was neither drunk, abusive or threatening to any one at any time. Furthermore, he did not witness any abusive or threatening behaviour by any of those who were in his company. Wayne has secured a witness statement of the events of the entire evening and has submitted a request in writing for an appeal against the 6 month ban imposed by Pub Watch.

– Spokesperson for Wayne Ronayne

In regard to the Mayoress, Paula Carter, Cllr Ronayne states that he will not allow her to be the focus of further allegations which may be subjective.

– Spokesperson for Wayne Ronayne


Gosport Mayor banned from pubs just hours into office

The Mayor of Gosport and the Lady Mayoress Credit: Gosport Borough Council

There are calls tonight for the Mayor of Gosport to resign after he was banned from the town's pubs just hours after taking office. Tory Councillor, Wayne Ronayne, was in a group asked to leave The Star in the High Street following the mayor-making ceremony.

The organisation Pubwatch says the mayor has been banned from the town's pubs for six months. The Mayoress, Paula Carter, has been banned for a year.

The Mayor says he was neither drunk nor abusive and he's appealing the ban. But Lib Dems on the council are calling for resignations.

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