Firefighters tackle blaze at Ropley

Firefighters are dealing with a large fire at Ropley Church.

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Heart of a Hampshire village destroyed by fire

Video. The historic heart of a Hampshire village has been destroyed in a devastating fire. The 800 year old St Peter's Church at Ropley near Winchester was engulfed in flames at 9am and is still smouldering tonight.

The vicar says the building holds special memories for generations and is a terrible loss. An investigation is underway after villagers reported strange electricity power surges just before the fire broke out. Kerry Swain reports.

Fire leave Grade II listed church destroyed

The roof and bell tower at St Peter's church in Ropley has been totally destroyed Credit: ITV Meridian

A large fire has totally destroyed the bell tower and the roof of a medieval church in Ropley.

Fire crews were called to the Grade II listed church at 8:50am this morning, where around 60 firefighters attended.

Area manager Steve Foye who was in charge of the incident said, "This was a significant fire that has seriously affected a prominent building within the village. Crews have worked hard in arduous conditions to bring the fire under control."

A fire investigation to find out what started the fire will take place soon.



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