Teachers against turning school into an academy go on strike

Teachers at a Sussex school in the middle of a battle over plans to turn it into an academy are due to go on strike today.

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Hove Park School strikes over academy plans

Some teachers at the school in Hove aren't happy about becoming an academy Credit: ITV Meridian

Teachers at a school in Hove are striking today in protest over plans to turn their school into an academy.

Hove Park School will be closed today as the decision looms over whether the school will become an academy in September.

The school and sixth is closed today because of the staff strikes Credit: ITV Meridian
Members of the National Union of Teachers are striking today at the Sussex school Credit: ITV Meridian

Conservatives support Hove Park becoming academy

The Conservative schools spokesman has thanked parents and carers who voted in the ballot on whether a school in Hove should become an academy.

The vote over Hove Park School's future saw 71% of parents disagreeing with the headteacher's plan to make the school an academy.

However, only 35.6% of ballot papers that were sent out to parents were returned.

I would like to thank all the parents and carers who have taken part in the ballot – it is great that so many of them care passionately about the future direction of Hove Park School.

The ballot will feed into the wider ongoing consultation and will form part of the information that the Headteacher and Governors will need to digest in order to come to a final decision. The Conservative Group remains strongly supportive of the Headteacher and the Governors, who have done a fantastic job of turning the school around in the last couple of years.

We have complete trust in their ability to make whichever decision they feel is in the best interests of the pupils attending the school and will back them all the way.”

– Cllr Wealls, Conservative Schools Spokesman


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