Lightning strike sets Kent house on fire

A man from Gravesend suffered burns after tackling a fire when lightning hit his house.

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Man suffers burns after lightning sets house on fire

A man from Kent has suffered burns after his house caught fire when lightning hit the family home in the early hours of this morning.

Roy Thomas from Gravesend, his partner and 15-year-old son were awoken at their home by a massive bang.

Roy explains: “We jumped out of bed and could hear the house alarm sounding. We started to feel our way downstairs in the darkness as all the power was out and Tracey smelt smoke, which we thought was coming from the TV. Fortunately, I looked up at the loft hatch and could see a glowing light."

Lightning hit many places across the region Credit: Joseph Crisp

“We phoned the fire service and I grabbed a ladder to investigate. As soon as I opened the hatch I could see the flames roaring away but the whole space was full of smoke. I tried to smother the flames with towels and bedding but it was too hot and I burnt my hands. By this time Tracey and Toby were passing wet towels and buckets of water to me, which I threw over the fire but it kept flaring back up. Thankfully, the last wet beach towel I threw on it managed to smother the flames and the firefighters were there."

Mr Thomas has now received hospital treatment for the burns.

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