Mother escapes explosion caused by e-cigarette

Charger warning after mother escapes explosion at Ringwood home

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Mother escapes explosion caused by e-cigarette

A woman has escaped an explosion in her home Credit: Hampshire Fire & Rescue

A mother from Ringwood has escaped from an explosion at her family home after a fire caused by an e-cigarette which was plugged into a faulty charger.

Nobody was injured but it is the latest in a string of incidents in the UK involving the use of cheap or inappropriate chargers.

The woman was alerted to the fire in an upstairs bedroom of the house on Southampton Road by her smoke alarm. After discovering the fire, she managed to escape downstairs before the explosion, caused by the heating of the pressurised canister of an air horn that was in the room.

Credit: Hampshire Fire & Rescue

In May, a Welsh woman was burned after her e-cigarette exploded when it was plugged into her phone charger and a woman in North Yorkshire was also injured earlier this year when a charging e-cigarette overheated.

While e-cigarettes can be susceptible to overheating due to the type of battery they contain, Hampshire's Trading Standards are keen to stress the importance of using the right charger for all devices and raise awareness of the dangers of cheap alternatives.


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