Giraffe spotted on the M25 in Kent

An unusual passenger was being transported on the M25 - a giraffe.

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Mystery of motorway giraffe revealed

It surprised motorists and the photos bemused many - after a giraffe was spotted journeying down the M25 in Kent.

Now, it has been revealed that the animal was making its way to a new home at a Kent wildlife park.

Valentino the giraffe kick starts breeding programme Credit: Port Lympne

Valentino the giraffe was being transported to Port Lympne in Hythe after he was born at Paignton Zoo in Devon two years ago.

The rare Rothschild's giraffe was hand reared by keepers after his mother rejected him - and he is considered an endangered species.

The giraffe arrived in a lorry to the wildlife park Credit: Port Lympne


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