Huge scaffolding to be placed on Winchester cathedral

A two hundred tonne crane - one of the largest of its type in the country - will be helping to lift huge scaffolding onto Winchester Cathedral today.

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Restoration work can begin at Winchester Cathedral now scaffolding in place

Restoration work costing 20 million pounds can get under way at Winchester Cathedral now a huge and delicate operation to install scaffolding on the 140 foot high roof of the East End has been completed. Here's how the big lift happened.

Christine Alsford spoke to the Receiver General of Winchester Cathedral Annabelle Boyes, members of the public and the Dean of the Cathedral, the Very Reverend James Atwell.


And we're off! Crane finally start lifting largest scaffolding structure

The crane weighs an incredible 200 tonnes Credit: ITV Meridian

One of the most ambitious scaffolding structures ever to be put on a cathedral is finally on the move.

One of the largest cranes in the country has started lifting the scaffolding on to Winchester Cathedral.

The scaffolding is necessary in order to repair the east end section of the roof.

The project had to be delayed after more ballast was needed due to the enormous weight of the structure.

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Scaffolding placed onto roof of Winchester Cathedral

Huge scaffolding is finally being lowered into place onto the roof of Winchester Cathedral.

Project to lift scaffold onto cathedral roof delayed

An operation to lift 27 tons of scaffolding onto the roof of Winchester Cathedral for repairs to be carried out has been delayed. After months of planning and preparation it was decided this morning that more weight was actually needed as ballast on the gigantic crane that's being used. It's hoped the delicate operation to raise seven huge sections of framework onto the top of the East End of the cathedral will go ahead tomorrow instead.

The framework scaffolding is in seven sections and weighs 27 tons Credit: ITV Meridian
Crowds that gathered to watch the spectacle were left disappointed Credit: ITV Meridian

Winchester Cathedral architect Nick Cox explains why the operation had to be cancelled today.


Huge scaffolding to be placed on Winchester Cathedral

A huge scaffold is being placed on top of Winchester Cathedral Credit: ITV Meridian
Work is underway to repair the roof of the Cathedral Credit: ITV NEWS MERIDIAN

A two hundred tonne crane - one of the largest of its type in the country - will be helping to lift huge scaffolding onto Winchester Cathedral today.

It's part of a project to repair and conserve the roof at the East End of the building.

The frame itself will be hoisted in sections a distance of 12 metres above the Cathedral Tower then lowered onto the East of the Cathedral roof. At the same time some 30 scaffolding constructors will build connecting sections at ground level which will be then lifted to complete the structure at roof level. The whole process is expected to take a day to complete.

The Construction Manager says everything has been planned in the minutest of detail so things go to plan.

As far as we know, this is the first time that this has taken place on a Cathedral in this country. Apart from the complexities of building the framework in the first place, the logistics of working in a relatively tight space at that end of the building to achieve the lift mean that everything has to be planned to the minutest degree

– Ian Bartlett, Site Construction
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