Labour's Party Conference begins in Brighton

Labour's conference began in Brighton on Sunday - its first under new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

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Corbyn told: Listen to voters in the South East

The Labour conference ended in Brighton with a warning to the new leader Jeremy Corbyn: you won't win unless you listen to voters in the South East.

The conference ended with Mr Corbyn singing. Not the National Anthem - but the Red Flag. Our political correspondent Phil Hornby reports.

Appearing in his report: Peter Kyle MP, Hove, Lab, and Grace Dent, Maidenhead Labour Party.


Corbyn supporter predicts Labour fightback in South and South East

Solomon Curtis, who stood for Labour in Wealden in May, supported Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership campaign. He's convinced Mr Corbyn can lead a Labour fightback in the South and South East.

Trident vote will not take place at Labour conference in Brighton

Delegates will not vote on Trident Credit: ITV

One of the potential flashpoints of this week's Labour conference in Brighton won't now happen.

It had been expected delegates would vote on whether or not to scrap Trident, reigniting Labour divisions about nuclear weapons.

But union leaders who didn't want the issue raised have blocked it at a meeting where party bosses decide what's being debated this week.

The controversy hasn't gone away, of course. This is just a postponement. The decision will have to be faced. And everyone knows how important this issue is for the new leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has spent his life campaigning to get rid of nuclear weapons

Behind the scenes at the Labour Party Conference

Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby compiled a 'behind the scenes' look at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, with our Facebook followers in mind...


"Corbyn's style is good news for voters in the South"

The MP for Southampton Test, Alan Whitehead, says Jeremy Corbyn's style will be very different from that of previous leaders. He says that's good news for Labour in the south.

Hove MP makes first speech of Labour Party conference

Peter Kyle, the MP for Hove, made the first speech of the conference. He said Labour should take inspiration from Brighton and Hove, because they'd taken a parliamentary seat from the Tories, and won control of the council from the Greens.

Jeremy Corbyn "must speak to the whole nation"

The leader of the Labour group on Medway Council, Vince Maple, says Jeremy Corbyn must speak to the whole nation, not just to Labour delegates, when he makes his big speech on Tuesday.

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