Critical report into grounding of massive cargo ship

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published a report into the investigation of the listing, flooding and grounding of the car and truck carrier Hoegh Osaka on the Bramble Bank in the Solent on 3 January last year.

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Critical report after grounding of Hoegh Osaka

A cargo ship, stranded in the Solent for three weeks, had been incorrectly loaded and was unstable when it left port.

Those are the findings of a detailed report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch into why the Hoegh Osaka listed and flooded last year, after running aground on its way from Southampton to Germany.

Background to grounding of massive cargo ship

It was one of the most remarkable sights ever seen in the waters of the Solent - for 19 days a massive cargo ship, stranded helpless on a sandbank.

Thousands headed to the coast to see the stricken vessel. Richard Jones reports on events just over a year ago.


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