Flash floods hit the South

Flash floods have hit parts of the South due to stormy weather, with the Thames Valley particularly affected.

Transport has also been hit - with flooding at stations and lightning strikes on lines.

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Power cuts and rain for Dorset & the New Forest

Heavy thunderstorms brought our extended summer to a dramatic end overnight - in a twist to what has been the hottest September in 100 years.

Dorset and the New Forest were among the hardest hit last night - homes struck by lightning, schools closed and roads flooded, and thousands of homes left without power. The storm arrived in Dorset at 1am and slowly made its way east. At it's peak, more than an inch of rain fell in Swanage in just one hour, overwhelming drains and flooding homes.

In Christchurch, a house caught fire when it was struck by lightning, causing the roof to collapse. Rachel Hepworth reports on today's clean-up after the storm.


Huge craters open up in Maidenhead High Street following flash floods

Maidenhead High Street was closed for most of the day after a deluge of water left huge craters in the road. Several shops were also closed as water seeped under their doors. Repairs have now taken place and roads have reopened. There were huge problems too at Junction 8/9 of the M4 as fire crews pumped out water from the motorway. Motorists were stuck in long queues as traffic was diverted. Met Office reports say the last 24 hours have been the second wettest on local record since 1942.

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Couple of talk of horror as lightning strikes their home

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A couple have described the moment a lightning bolt hit their home in Bracknell, setting it on fire. Charlotte and Jack Coutts-Dicker were woken by a loud bang and managed to get their three young children outside before the fire took hold. It took fire crews six hours to bring the blaze in the house and adjoining property under control.


'It looks like the lightning was close, it was a mile away'

A viewer captured this photograph at Kingsclere near Basingstoke Credit: Richard Cunningham

Whenever we do a photograph or video appeal we do ask people to take pictures from an area of safety, at a safe distance and at no danger to themselves. Viewer Richard Cunningham saw some lightning at Kingsclere - here he explains what happened:

"I was lucky to get the lightning lighting up in the surrounding area and it just happened to be in the centre of the picture.

"It looks like the strike was close but it was probably at least a mile from where I was standing, I always try to stay out of harm's way but storms can still be very unpredictable so I'm always cautious regardless."

Parts of A33 to Reading shut due to standing water

The A33 at Basingstoke towards Reading has been affected by standing water

The heavy rain and thunderstorms overnight have left many main roads and smaller thoroughfares with standing water. The depth of the water-filled dips can be deceptive, with driver facing deeper puddles than expected. Motoring organisations and the emergency services are advising drivers to take care.

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