Government gives go-ahead to Lower Thames Crossing

The new tunnel - running beneath the River Thames - will be constructed between Kent and Essex from Tilbury to Gravesend to ease congestion on the busy Dartford Crossing.

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  1. Tom Savvides

Green light given for new Thames Crossing

A new Thames crossing will be built from Kent to Essex, it was finally confirmed today. The route - Option C - will run under the Thames from east of Tilbury to Chalk, near Gravesend in a two mile tunnel - the longest in Britain. In Kent, a new road will link the route to the A2 close to Shorne. The project is expected to be completed by 2027 and could cost as much as six billion pounds. Its aim is to relieve congestion and pressure on the existing Dartford Crossing which currently handles 50 million crossings every year that's 135,000 a day. But while the news has been widely welcomed by business and transport groups, there are concerns from environmental groups about the impact of the new crossing. Tom Savvides has our report.


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