School run "chaos" puts children at risk

Headteachers and parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks to children on the school run. Dropping off - and picking up - at the start and end of the school day can be chaotic. Our social affairs correspondent Christine Alsford went to Fairisle Junior School in Southampton and found the road log jammed and drivers parking on pavements and double yellow lines.

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Road closure to allow children to play safely in street

A road with traffic problems at school drop off and collection times has been closed to traffic all together to allow children to play freely.

Fairisle Road in Southampton shut for four hours as part of moves to raise awareness of the problems - and encourage more families to walk, cycle and scoot to school.

Christine Alsford went to see the benefits - and spoke to deputy headteacher Bev Bessey and Ray Craig from the green transport charity Sustrans.

Headteacher: School run traffic is "accident waiting to happen."

Growing numbers of schools say inconsiderate parking at drop off and pick up times is putting children's safety at risk. One headteacher in Hampshire says the problems are so bad at his school - which is in a cul-de-sac - that it's "an accident waiting to happen". Christine Alsford joined the morning school run at Fairisle Road in Southampton to see what goes on - and what might be done to tackle the problem. She spoke to parents, pupils and headteacher Peter Howard.


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