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Oxfordshire's Slow Mo Guys clock up 420m views

The Slow Mo Guys, who film stunts in slow-motion have now notched up more than 420 million views on Youtube.

Explosion in slow motion Credit: Slow Mo Guys

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, who grew up in Thame, use a high-speed camera to show everything from exploding water balloons to bullets through watermelons, one hundred times slower than the human eye can see.

The pair have quickly become internet sensations, even appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the United States.

To watch the videos, visit their Youtube channel.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Brighton homes open for eco tourists

Are your heating bills too high? Do you wonder why there's always a draught blowing round the house? Well perhaps you could pick up some inspiration from a series of "eco buildings" that are open to the public in Brighton and Hove tomorrow and next weekend. This from David Johns.

He speaks to home owner (and architect) Mark Pellant; project organiser Caroline Schofield; and Interior Designer Claire Potter.


From the US to Sussex: Taking technology into the classroom

A headteacher from Sussex is working with some of the world's leading experts on how best to use technology in the classroom.

Christine Terrey from a primary school in Newhaven was chosen to attend a special workshop in America.

Now she's putting what she learned there into practice back home. Malcolm Shaw reports.

Oxford bus users to get free wifi

Oxford is to get free wifi on its buses today thanks to a government grant.

There is to be wifi hotspots in some public buildings from next April Credit: Press Association

The city's two main bus operators, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach, will have installed Wi-Fi on virtually all buses within the Oxford Smart Zone by the end of November.

In addition, Super Connected Oxford will also make available a Wireless concession in the streets of the city and Wi-Fi Hotspots in free to enter public buildings like libraries and museums, from next April.

The Programme also offers local small and medium-sized businesses within Oxford and the surrounding area connection vouchers towards the installation costs of superfast broadband.

HMS Duncan fires first missile

HMS Duncan celebrated its fourth birthday by downing a target with a Sea Viper missile. This is the first time the Portsmouth based warship's main weapon has been used. The 450kg missile travelled at four times the speed of sound.

HMS Duncan fires its first Sea Viper missile Credit: RN Media and Comms
The Sea Viper missile successfully intercepted its target Credit: RN Media and Comms
The blast from the launch of the missile Credit: RN Media and Comms

Investment in low emission taxis for Brighton

Nearly £200,000 is to be invested in low emission taxis in Brighton. The money has been awarded as part of the Department for Transport's Clean Vehicle Fund.

Minibuses will be converted into low-emission taxis Credit: Press Association

30 minibuses will be converted in a bid to create a cleaner environment for residents and tourists.

Brighton & Hove City Council was among 17 local authorities awarded funding to convert vehicles.

This is a great step towards reducing harmful emissions in our busy city centre. A cleaner environment has health benefits for residents and visitors to the city and improving all public transport, including taxis, is a key part of this.

– Cllr Ian Davey


Dungeness A demolition viewed by Vince Cable

The business secretary Vince Cable has been looking at what's left of Dungeness Nuclear Power Station - a landmark on the south coast for more than forty years. Dungeness A is being decomissioned and today the Business Secretary visited the plant to see the work in progress. ITV Meridian has been given exclusive access to the demolition site. Tom Savvides has our report.

Police display their new body cameras

An officer wearing the new body camera Credit: Kent Police

Kent Police officers in key areas of the county are to be given an extra tool in the fight against crime.

Today Body Worn Video (BWV) will be used by Local District Policing Teams in Maidstone, Medway and Thanet as part of a live test prior to a wider rollout across the force towards the end of this year and into 2015.

The state-of-the-art cameras will be used to help officers capture evidence from the scene of an incident and can record high-definition footage, take pictures and record sound.

It is hoped BWV will play a key role in domestic abuse offences and night time economy incidents.

In total, 430 officers will be using the cameras by 15 October.

Deputy Chief Constable of Kent Police Paul Brandon said: ‘BWV is a technological innovation which has been shown to have some very clear and tangible benefits to police forces.

‘It has the capability to capture real-time evidence, offering the potential to move the justice process forward with reduced stress for victims of crime."

Are commuters receiving internet signals on the trains?

For thousands of commuters it was the chance to catch up on some work before arriving in the office! So - did they do it?

South West Trains introduced WiFi on the network on the longer distance services today. But the reception was intermittent.

The new technology is available through Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset - and will spread elsewhere later. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse put it to the test with passengers from Basingstoke.

On the train WiFi gives commuters intercity internet connections

Commuters using South West Trains new WiFi services have given their connection a positive response in some areas - but not along the whole of the line to London. Rail commuters told our Transport Correspondent, Mike Pearse, that connections were good from the south coast until mid Hampshire, but they lost the connection around Basingstoke. They also say there were unable to get any connection at Clapham Junction despite it being in the heart of London. Other passengers welcomed the WiFi but bemoaned the fact that most carriages don't have plugs to power laptops to receive the WiFi and have called on the rail operator to work on that issue too.

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