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5,000mph rocket goes under the hammer for £43,750

How would you like a 39-foot hypersonic rocket to brighten up your lounge or garden? Not got the space? Well, then you may have already missed out on one of the most unusual items ever to go up for auction.

The unmanned aircraft - which once broke the air speed record - sold for £43,750 in Sussex this afternoon. Andy Dickenson caught a glimpse of the rocket before it went under the hammer.

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New app to help find missing people

New computer software could track down missing people more quickly and efficiently. Details of people who've previously gone missing and where they were found, for example, are loaded onto an app which can be accessed on computers and mobile phones. Kent Search and Rescue then uses the data to try to locate the person if they disappear again. Tom Savvides talks to Stewart Baird from Kent Search and Rescue and computer specialist Stuart Kenny.


Airlines make plea for decision on new runway

Airlines want a quick decision on new runway Credit: ITV

Major airlines have made an urgent and final plea for a quick decision on a new runway for the Meridian region. ITV News Meridian understands Sir Howard Davies, who is advising the Government, will make up his mind within days. But the Government could take up to six months deciding if it should go to Gatwick or Heathrow. In an exclusive interview Sir Richard Branson, head of Crawley-based Virgin Atlantic, said Heathrow, and not Gatwick, should be expanded. He called on the Government to make a final decision and "get on with it". The call came as the airline launched its new route to Detroit - with an airport that has 6 runways.


Young drivers ignore warnings about mobile phones

Video report: Using mobile phones to text while behind the wheel is illegal and highly dangerous. But new research shows many drivers - younger ones in particular - are ignoring the warnings. The road safety team in Kent say a third of drivers under 35 admitted using their phones to check social media and apps .... and 37 percent said they had taken a hand-held call. They have launched a new campaign to remind drivers they're risking their lives and those of others. Steve Horton - who is Road Safety Team Leader at Kent County Council - told Sangeeta that the message was still not getting across.

Exploding satellite debris could cause crash in space

The fragments could pose a major risk to other spacecraft, like in the film Gravity Credit: PA

Scientists from the University of Southampton have warned that a recent satellite explosion in space could pose a major risk to other spacecraft.

50,000 small pieces of debris are now travelling around earth at enormous speeds, according to new research. Scientists fear the fragments could cause extensive damage, just like the plot of Hollywood blockbuster film Gravity.

Even though many of these objects will be no bigger than the ball in a ballpoint pen, they can disable a spacecraft in a collision because of their enormous speed

– Dr Hugh Lewis, UK Space Agency

The US DMSP-F13 satellite exploded in February. The Southampton team have developed a new technique called CiELO (debris Cloud Evolution in Low Orbits) to assess the collision risk to space missions from small-sized debris. They produced a collision probability map showing a peak in the risk at altitudes just below the location of the DMSP-F13 explosion.

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