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1 in 10 have fallen victim to cyber-criminals

Cybercrime is rarely out of the headlines these days - with universities the latest to be revealed as targets for cyber attack with hackers trying to steal sensitive research information. Cybercrime takes many forms - it's any criminal activity involving computers or the internet. In the first of a series of reports about the problem, Kevin Ashford has been finding out how the criminals operate - and the people they target.


New quieter planes take to the skies

They're only half as noisy as existing aircraft - planes powered by a new generation of more environmentally friendly engines are about to take to the skies over the South of England.

It's a move that's being welcomed by campaigners, but they argue that much more still needs to be done. Our transport correspondent Mike Pearse has been given exclusive access to the new whispering giants.

Calls to fit sprinklers in all schools a year after fire

Credit: ITV Meridian

It has been a year since a fire ripped through Selsey Academy near Chichester and now there are calls for all schools to be fitted with sprinklers.

Since 2010, less than 40% of new build schools have had sprinkler systems installed.

Sussex Fire says the devices wouldn't have prevented the flames spreading at Selsey because the fire started on the roof.

As Chloe Oliver reports.

Chloe spoke to Tom Garfield, Headteacher at Selsey Academy and Maisie Rudkin from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

AA says councils should scrap pay by phone parking

Credit: ITV Meridian

A new report from the AA says councils should scrap mandatory pay by phone parking as they are deeply unpopular, with two thirds of drivers refusing to use them.

The cashless parking machines accept payment by drivers calling or texting an automated service.

More and more towns in our region have adopted the technology.

As Andy Dickenson reports.

Andy spoke to Jack Cousens from the AA and Cllr Gill Mitchell Brighton and Hove City Council, Lab.

Inventor uses implanted microchip to start car

The Hampshire inventor has implanted the microchip in his hand Credit: ITV Meridian

An inventor from Hampshire has created a tiny microchip inserted into his hand, that's only the size of a grain of rice, to start his car and open his office door.

Steven Northam just waves his hand over a sensor to operate daily tasks and is now offering the service to others for the first time.

As Chloe Oliver reports.

Chloe spoke to Steven Northam, entrepreneur and inventor and Dr Geoff Watson, Anesthetic Consultant.


Should drone flyers have to pass a test?

You've probably seen them above your head or heard them buzzing in the distance. Drones are becoming increasingly popular amongst the general public. But their increased popularity has also led to an increase in the number of complaints about their misuse.

At Gatwick pilots are warning of a 'disaster' unless more is done to tighten the rules on the use of drones near airports. In twelve months 70, near misses between drones and planes have been reported.

Image from PA.

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