Refund offer by Apple

The message was sent to all iTunes users who've made an in-app purchase which involves paying for extra content already downloaded an app.

Can lightning charge a mobile phone?

Scientists from Southampton have collaborated with a mobile phone firm to see if they can harness the power of lightning for personal use.

Sunny delight for 1,500 homes

Local residents have successfully taken over a solar farm - making it the largest community owned solar farm in the world.

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RSPB's fears over fracking in the South

Bird lovers have joined critics who want to stop plans for fracking in the Thames Valley. The wildlife charity the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are concerned that drilling and habitat damage involved could harm wildlife.

The controversial process of splitting rock to release shale gas has already led to protests in Balcombe in Sussex where it has now been ruled out - but there are other potential sites including large parts of Oxfordshire.

Licences for fracking will be up for grabs later this year - in a 350 square mile area between Kidlington, Banbury and Bicester north of Oxford. Fred spoke to Harry Huyton from the RSPB.

Stargazers look to Jupiter for Astronomy Week

As the darkness falls stargazers across our region are preparing for some amazing views of Jupiter tonight.

The largest planet in our Solar System is the focal point of National Astronomy Week and the telescopes at the Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux in Sussex are already pointing in its direction.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Sandra Voss, science director of the observatory, and Laurie Marsden, project co-ordinator of National Astronomy Week.

Includes pictures from NASA.


Encouraging kids to consider science

by David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Take a tin of spaghetti, a box of bees and a smoothie-maker and what have you got? In one part of the south east, a recipe for a fascinating science lesson! A science fair, at the old Pfizer site in Sandwich, was put on to attract youngsters to the worlds of technology and maths.

David Johns donned his lab coat and went along to take a look. He spoke to scientist Robert Wybrow, engineer Victoria Roots, Kent County Councillor Mark Dance (Con), and Discovery Park MD Paul Barber.

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