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Surrey teenager charged over Mumsnet hacking attack

A teenager from Haslemere has been charged with a hacking attack on the parenting website Mumsnet.

Users were asked to reset passwords after the security breach Credit: Mumsnet

David Gerrard Buchanan, 18, is facing two counts of hacking and one of impairing the operation of or hindering access to a computer.

The charges relate to various incidents of computer intrusion and damage to network profiles following attacks on systems controlled by the website Mumsnet and others between July and August 2015.

– Scotland Yard

A hacker accessed some administrative functions of Mumsnet in August, redirecting the homepage to a now suspended Twitter profile page and editing posts on the parenting site.

Mumsnet also suffered a distributed denial of service attack, where the site is taken down by being overwhelmed with online traffic.

Buchanan is due to appear at Guildford Magistrates' Court on June 7.


Drone 'was used to carry mobile phones and cannabis into prison'

A typical drone, pictured in flight Credit: PA

Two people have been been charged with using a drone to carry mobile phones and cannabis into a prison.

Ingrid Edwards, 25, of Wolfe Crescent in Charlton, South London, and Daniel Lee Kelly, 37, of Amblecote Meadows in Grove Park, South London, have been charged with two counts of getting prohibited items into HMP Swaleside in Eastchurch, Kent.

The items are alleged to have been sent into the prison between March 16 and April 25.

Police say two defendants are due to appear at Maidstone Crown Court on 24 May.


Would you travel round the world by airship?

Imagine travelling round the world by airship. It could happen. Because a businessman who led Sir Richard Branson's balloon ventures - has signed a £300m deal - to operate an entire fleet.

To start with the ships will be used to carry cargo - for the oil and gas industry - but one day they could carry passengers too. Mark Gough has been to meet the man whose ambitions are really sky high.

One small step - pioneering robot technology helps patients find their feet

Hospitals in Kent have become some of the first in the country to experiment with the use of bionic legs.

New research shows that so called 'exoskeletons' could improve the health of all manner of patients - including people who have suffered strokes or have multiple sclerosis.

In this exclusive report from the robotics lab at the University of Kent, we meet a man whose been paralysed for a year using the new legs for the first time.

Andy Dickenson hears from clinical specialist Karen Saunders, patient Steve Walker-Manuell, and consultant physician Dr Mohamed Sakel.

Best-selling author joins launch of 'cyber crime' campaign

Best-selling author Peter James has joined Sussex Police at the launch of a new campaign to raise awareness of 'cyber crime'.

Recent figures show 84% of people living in our region have experienced an attempted cyber crime in the last year. 15% have become victims, with an increase in 'ransomware attacks'.

Here we speak to James and Chief Constable Giles York.

Dorset Police to record incidents with body cameras

The devices will provide record incidents Credit: ITV

Police in Dorset are being issued with audio and video recording devices.

Body-worn video is a joint project between Dorset Police and Devon and Cornwall Police.

The aim is to eventually provide cameras to all operational front line officers.

The cameras will be used to record the majority of incidents and encounters, making the police more transparent and officers’ actions more accountable.

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