Refund offer by Apple

The message was sent to all iTunes users who've made an in-app purchase which involves paying for extra content already downloaded an app.

Can lightning charge a mobile phone?

Scientists from Southampton have collaborated with a mobile phone firm to see if they can harness the power of lightning for personal use.

Sunny delight for 1,500 homes

Local residents have successfully taken over a solar farm - making it the largest community owned solar farm in the world.

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Car ownership numbers decline in South East

The number of people who do not own a car in the South East has increased by 4% according to a report by the British Car Auction.

In 2012, the figure was 26% of people, this year it is 30%.

The report in brief:

  • 72% of families own at least one car
  • There has been a 1% increase in two car families year on year
  • Two car ownership in the North has increased to 29% from 16% in 2012
  • Families with three cars or more has risen to 10% from 3% in the South West
  • 14% say they will certainly or quite likely buy a car in the next year compared to 11% in 2012


Could this robot cut traffic jams?

Click video. They're the bane of many people's lives, causing jams and misery for thousands of drivers everyday. But could a robot put an end to roadworks?

A new burrowing robot has been built to repair gas mains, which crucially means there's no need to dig up our roads. It's being tested in Britain to see if it can be rolled out across the country, as David Wood reports.

Stolen iPad traced by tracking device

Detectives investigating the theft of a tablet device from Tunbridge Wells have recovered the device after the owner tracked it to London.

Detectives from Tonbridge police station attended an address in Lewisham and seized the tablet, which was packaged up, ready to be posted abroad. A 65-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft, and was later released on bail.

Kent Police said: ‘This is a fantastic example of how important it is for tablet and mobile phone owners to take advantage of the tracking applications that are available for devices that have GPS capability. In this case the victim tracked the iPad and kept us updated with its location."


Creating the cars of the future

The government have launched funds for automotive companies to develop more energy efficient cars.

The £75 million fund will enable businesses to make and test new low carbon technologies.

The announcement was made by Vince Cable today.

He also announced a £1.5 million project that will test driverless cars.

The 'pods' will be able to carry two people and will run on designated pathways in Milton Keynes city centre.

It is planned in 2015 that 20 pods will be driver-operated and will run on lanes separated from pedestrians.

By 2017, 100 pods will use sensors to avoid obstacles and will run alongside pedestrians.

Portsmouth aircraft carriers cost 'to double'

HMS Queen Elizabeth Credit: Aircraft Carrier Alliance

The price tag for the Royal Navy's new Portsmouth-based aircraft carriers is set to top more

than £6bn as the Government prepares to announce further cost overruns, according to reports.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is expected to announce the projected cost of the two carriers - which will not enter service until the end of the decade - has risen by another £800m to £6.2bn.

The latest increase means the bill for the 65,000-ton ships will be almost double the £3.5bn estimated when the programme was agreed by the last Labour government in 2007.

£6billion train contract given to Maidenhead's Hitachi

Business Secretary Vince Cable and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin - were at the site of a new £82 million factory today - where a new generation of high speed trains for the Thames Valley will be built.

'Inter City Express' is part of a £6billion contract awarded to Maidenhead based Hitachi.

Mr McLoughlin says it means the current 40-year-old First Great Western trains will be replaced:

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