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Crack down on speeding in 20mph zones

Twenty mile an hour speed limits are nothing new - but in certain areas in Oxford, police and residents say drivers are regularly exceeding the limit.

The Thames Valley force is launching a new speed awareness course for drivers doing more than 20 miles an hour - and says it's not just about fining people but educating them. So how will it work? Asana Greenstreet reports.


Drivers caught speeding in Oxford's 20mph zone

Drivers caught speeding in Oxford's 20mph zone Credit: PA

More than 80 drivers have been stopped by police for speeding in a 20 mile per hour zone in Oxford City Centre - in just one morning.

Traffic officers have recently started patrolling streets, including St Giles. 18 drivers were given fines and points on their licence. 61 others were given roadside advice.