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Charity shop ablaze in suspected arson attack

Charity shop ablaze in suspected arson attack Credit: Thames Valley Police

Police are appealing for witnesses to a suspected arson at a charity shop in Oxfordshire.

Emergency services were called to a fire at the Acacia charity shop in Market Street, Abingdon, in the early hours of this morning, at 3.53am.

No one was injured and investigations are underway to identify the cause of the blaze - though it's believed to have been started as a result of arson.

No arrests have been made, and officers remain at the scene. They're asking anyone with information to contact them on 101 quoting reference 'URN 113 (25/9)'.


Body of a man recovered from river in Abingdon

Thames Valley Police are investigating

Thames Valley Police say the body of a man has been recovered this morning from the River Ock in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

The death is being treated as unexplained. Road closures are currently in place around the area while officers examine the scene and begin an investigation.

Access to St Helen's Wharf has been closed off and drivers are being advised to avoid the area if possible.

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Students learn about farm safety

Agricultural students at Abingdon and Witney College will be learning about farm safety today.

It's part of an initiative by the National Farmers Union to try and raise awareness of the risks involved with the industry and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities every year.

They'll be put in real-life situations and have to decide what action to take to prevent accidents happening.

Agricultural students in Abingdon will be taught about farm safety Credit: ITV Meridian

"Young people are such an important target group for this farm safety message as the future of the industry.

"As technology advances within farming, the risk of accidents can actually increase. While the safety of machinery and equipment has improved, the fact that machines can do so much more can make people complacent. It's fantastic to have an outside organisation like the Farm Safety Foundation come in to help us deliver this vital message and for the students to face scenarios they could come across on their own farms when they go home or in their future workplace."

– Pam Willsher, Head of Faculty Land Based Industries & Life Sciences
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