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British Forces parcel warning

The British Forces Post Office service deliver parcels to Afghanistan Credit: Crown copyright 2013

The Armed Forces are urging the public to support the British Forces Post Office by using Service charities to deliver their mail.

In the 100 day run-up to Christmas, the British Forces Post Office receives a high volume of parcels to be sent to operational zones.

The BFPO receive a high volume of gifts to be sent on to operational zones Credit: Crown copyright 2013

The overload of parcels are sent to personnel in Afghanistan as well as other countries and Royal Navy ships.

Operational machinery delivering gifts and mail to those in Afghanistan Credit: Crown copyright 2013
Staff from the armed forces working to move parcels Credit: Crown copyright 2013
  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Afghan teen wins appeal

Campaigners are celebrating the news that a teenager from Kent who was due to be deported to Afghanistan, is to be allowed to remain in the UK. Najibullah Hashimi, who's 19, had been fostered by a family in Faversham.

They say they've had support from thousands of people who signed a petition to keep Najib here, and that the tribunal recognised the impact on the family that deportation would have.

Najib told Meridian he'd dreaded being sent back to Afghanistan where his father and brother were killed by the Taliban. From Faversham, David Johns reports, speaking to Najib, his stepfather Steven Griffiths, and campaigner Mick Nokes.

Kent teenager wins appeal to stay in the country

19-year-old Najibullah Hashimi Credit: ITV Meridian

A teenager from Faversham, who fled Afghanistan when his father and brother were killed, has won his appeal to stay in the country. More than 2,000 people signed an online petition, when Najibullah Hashimi was told he had to go back when his visa ran out.

The nineteen-year-old's case was heard in London last week.


Pegasus the dog home from Afghanistan

Video. A family have gone to extreme lengths to bring home a stray dog their son befriend while in Afghanistan. Private Lewis, who was killed whilst on patrol, had Pegasus the dog as his constant companion. His family have now taken great solace in giving Peg a new home.

Now an artist from Oxfordshire has painted the remarkable little dog's portrait, which is hoping to raise money for charity. Heather Edwards spoke to Tony Lewis, Private Lewis' father and Shirley Cherry who painted the portrait of Peg.

Armoured vehicles return to base in Hampshire

Video. The latest stage in Britain's military withdrawal from Afghanistan continues, as Defence Secretary Philip Hammond watched armoured vehicles return to a base in Hampshire today.

He was at the Marchwood Military Port on Southampton Water where almost 100 vehicles were unloaded from a roll-on roll-off cargo ship. Richard Jones reports.

Did soldier really witness horrors in Afghanistan?

Questions are being asked whether a soldier who stole a riffle and ammunition really did witness horrors in Afghanistan.

Corporal Harry Killick, 36, claims to have witnessed a comrades death and had to collect DNA from insurgents body parts in Helmand, triggering post-traumatic stress disorder.

He has claimed that he was suffering from the disorder at the time of the offence.

But Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Minton, the commanding officer of Killick's regiment, said in a statement that although he would have been aware of a fatal incident, he did not witness it.

He said that Killick was not responsible for collecting the DNA from body parts of insurgents and he did not under go trauma risk management because he didn't warrant it.

Lt Col Minton added, "The only issue that Cpl Killick had was to do with the tour having finished and returning to civilian life."

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