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Did soldier really witness horrors in Afghanistan?

Questions are being asked whether a soldier who stole a riffle and ammunition really did witness horrors in Afghanistan.

Corporal Harry Killick, 36, claims to have witnessed a comrades death and had to collect DNA from insurgents body parts in Helmand, triggering post-traumatic stress disorder.

He has claimed that he was suffering from the disorder at the time of the offence.

But Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Minton, the commanding officer of Killick's regiment, said in a statement that although he would have been aware of a fatal incident, he did not witness it.

He said that Killick was not responsible for collecting the DNA from body parts of insurgents and he did not under go trauma risk management because he didn't warrant it.

Lt Col Minton added, "The only issue that Cpl Killick had was to do with the tour having finished and returning to civilian life."


War artist, shot by Taliban, is flown to UK

Graeme Lothian sketching in Musa Qala, Helmand Province - he has been flown to the UK for treatment after being shot by a sniper Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian
Graeme Lothian on patrol in Nahr e Saraj, Helmand, Afghanistan, with 5 Rifles Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian
By Graeme Lothian: Casualties are moved from Camp Bastion for medical repatriation Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian

Graeme Lothian, Kent war artist, shot by Taliban

Graeme at work in Afghanistan Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian

The Kent war artist, Graeme Lothian, has been shot and wounded by a Taliban sniper in Afghanistan. Graeme, from Sevenoaks, is a popular figure with the troops and has produced stunning work, illustrating the dangers faced by soldiers.

Graeme Lothian studies the troops in action Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian
Graeme is a familiar figure on the front line Credit: Dave Higgins/Graeme Lothian

We spoke to Graeme's close friend, Dave Higgins, who said he was 'stunned', and anxiously seeking news about Graeme's condition.


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