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Bad weather means no displays at Bournemouth airshow

Organisers of this year's Bournemouth Air Festival have cancelled this afternoon's displays because of high winds and wet weather

The four day show usually attracts 800,000 spectators.

Air displays cancelled Credit: ITV News Meridian

Praise for airshow pilot who ditches in sea near Herne Bay

There's been high praise today for the skills of pilot Colin Randall who ditched his plane into the sea at the Herne Bay Airshow - avoiding both spectators and swimmers.

Praise too for the spectators who waded in, to help the 71-year-old pilot - who was face-down in the water.

It follows a tightening of flying display regulations after the Shoreham Airshow crash that killed 11 people nearly a year ago.

You can watch a full report by Abigail Bracken by clicking on the link below.

Interviewees are rescuer Davina Cox; eyewitness Nigel Hancock; and Herne Bay Airshow organiser Liz Crudgington.

Pictures and video are courtesy of Emma Bedding, Bruno Tilley and Nigel Hancock.


  1. Tom Savvides

Extra security at this year's Eastbourne airshow

Extra security measures have been put into place for this year's Eastbourne air show. Concrete barriers have been installed at the main entrance and more police are patrolling the site. It comes after a series of recent terror attacks across Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the four day event. Tom Savvides talks to the leader of Eastbourne Council David Tutt, flying director Ian Sheeley and spitfire pilot John Romain.

Damning report on Shoreham Airshow crash

Air accident investigators have released a damning report on the Shoreham Airshow crash, which shows how the safety of the public was put at risk.

Today's report made 14 recommendations - highlighting huge flaws in health and safety at Shoreham.

11 local men died when a Hawker Hunter jet crashed onto the busy A27 in August last year. Today's report said safety had been compromised before.

Video footage of the same plane - in the previous year - showed most manoeuvres happened over public areas, along the A259, and one went straight over the town of Lancing.

This was happening with other aircraft at other airshows, and went against the rules of flying at public events. Here's Divya Kohli with the details.


Shoreham Airshow boss 'unaware' of pilot's plan

Investigators assess the damage on the A27 Credit: ITV Meridian

Shoreham's flying display director was not aware of the sequence of manoeuvres that the Hawker Hunter pilot intended to perform, the AAIB found.

Without prior knowledge of the routine or the ground over which he would fly, it was not possible to identify specific hazards and which groups of people would be exposed to them, the report stated.

The FDD presented risk assessments to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to seek permission for two displays following the disaster that "were not materially different from that for Shoreham", according to the AAIB.

Investigators issued a safety recommendation calling for the CAA to "specify the safety management and other competencies" that flying show organisers must demonstrate.

Reaction to AAIB report on Shoreham Airshow tragedy

Lawyers representing Shoreham crash victims issue statement

“This special bulletin is an extremely important step forward in improving the safety of airshows across the UK. There are clear learning points from what happened at Shoreham which the CAA must take into account and implement into its policies and guidance asap.

“The key issues include the detail included in the risk assessments for Shoreham in relation to where potentially dangerous manoeuvres were taking place and how close the crowd would be standing. As we tragically saw in August last year, when something goes wrong with an aircraft near to a large group of spectators, there can be disastrous consequences

“Although we don’t want to dampen the enjoyment that many people derive from airshows, it’s quite clear that the regulations for organisers looking to put on a display have got to be improved to reduce the risk of similar issues in future.”

– Jim Morris, a former pilot and specialist aviation lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing the victims of the Shoreham crash

"While the CAA's recommendations to improve safety at airshows are welcome, we and our clients are very disappointed that it has taken this disaster and this terrible loss of life to happen before these recommendations have been made.

"Most of the recommendations are common sense, and questions have to be asked whether more should have been done to improve safety standards prior to the tragic events that occurred in Shoreham.”

– Clive Garner, who leads the aviation team at Irwin Mitchell
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