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VE Day events continue - parade in Aldershot

Thousands of people across the region have been celebrating the end of the Second World War in Europe seventy years ago. Victory in Europe - VE Day - was on Friday. This weekend has seen a number of celebrations in a continuation of the events marking the 70th anniversary of VE Day. One of the biggest commemorations was a parade in Aldershot. Richard Slee reports.

The report contains some Pathe footage. The interviewees are: Fred Lee, a Royal Navy veteran Percy Lewis a D-Day veteran


Day of prayers for victims of Nepal earthquake

Hundreds of people from the region's Nepalise community have held a day of prayers, to remember those who perished in the earthquake that struck Nepal, just over a week ago.

Thousands of people perished in the disaster. And those who survived face hardship and suffering.

In Hampshire the community gathered in the grounds of the of Aldershot Military Stadium, to pay their respects. Cary Johnston has more.


  1. Divya Kohli

The Thames Valley marks Armistice Day

Thousands of people gathered in silence across the Thames Valley to pay their respects this Armistice Day to Britain's war dead. This year, the commemorations took place as the nation marks 100 years since British troops were sent to the front line, in the First World War. From Aldershot, traditional home of the British Army, Divya Kohli reports.

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