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Live animal exports resume in Kent amid protests

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Credit: ITV Meridian

Live animal exports resumed today from Ramsgate despite demonstrations from activists.

It is the first time since last November that live animals have been transported though the port.

Activists blocked the route to the Continent Credit: ITV Meridian

Animal campaigners temporarily blocked lorries en route to the Continent.

Thanet District Council says it's a legal trade and more exports are expected between now and the autumn.

Derek spoke to Reg Bell from Kent Action Against Live Exports, Frank Langrish from the National Farmers Union and Ian Birchall from Kent Action Against Live Exports.

Compensation awarded following live animal export ban

Protestors angry over the export of live animals from the Port of Ramsgate Credit: ITV Meridian

Thanet District Council has been forced to pay £2.3m in compensation to companies who were blocked from exporting live animals from the Port of Ramsgate.

Exports were banned after 40 sheep died at the port in 2012 but an appeal forced the local authority to reverse the decision.

A high court ruled the council didn't have the power to stop exports, and that it should reimburse the companies for any income lost during the six-week ban.


Animal export company deny deaths of 40 sheep

Video. An animal export company is denying that its negligence lead to the deaths of more than 40 sheep at Ramsgate Port in 2012. The trail at Dover Magistrates involves Channel Livestock Limited, one of its officials and two of its drivers.

It is claimed that some sheep were not fit to travel and that the lorry they were on was not fit to carry them.

Derek Johnson was in court.


Campaigners march through London

Campaigners from the south east have been supporting a march in London against the practice of live animal exports.

The group Compassion in World Farming planned a peaceful march against the live export of farm animals, to highlight what it calls "a hidden trade".

By marching through London, our supporters are sending a clear message that we are demanding action to be taken to end live exports for good."

– Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming
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