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Animal rescue vehicle for Basingstoke

We often joke about firefighters rescuing cats up trees but animal rescue is now recognised as one of the most dangerous activities fire crews undertake. Yes the incidents are becoming more common - so specialised training is essential as well as the right kit for the job.

Today a brand new animal rescue vehicle was unveiled at Basingstoke, as Rachel Hepworth reports.

Increase in animal accidents on New Forest roads

Motorists are being urged to slow down whilst driving on New Forest roads as last year saw an increase in animals being hit by vehicles.

In 2013, a total of 104 animals were killed or injured on the roads, compared to a record low 82 in 2012.

Generally, the number of accidents has dropped from the early 90's when the 40mph limits were introduced.

Sue Westwood, clerk to the Verderers said, "A number of initiatives to combat animal accidents are in place including reflective pony collars, road signs, traffic calming measures and enforcement of the 40mph speed limit."

A four wheel drive car after a collision with an animal in the New Forest Credit: New Forest National Park


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Lonely pig needs someone to love it

She's a bit fat, lives alone in a field and is relying on donations of food from kindly neighbours. Porrick the pig was abandoned when her owner took all his other porkers away except for her. She needs a new home - but who would be willing to take on the friendly pot-bellied beast?

David Johns has been to meet her, speaking to the man who built her shelter, Lance Cruse.

Orphan otters survive floods

Well, it's not just people and property that have suffered during the recent floods - wildlife has also been severely affected. Natural habitats have been washed away, food sources have disappeared and many animals have been orphaned.

Well incredibly two baby otters - just 6 weeks old - have survived that ordeal. After losing their home and their parents they were taken in by a wildlife hospital near Aylesbury. Juliette Fletcher has their story.

No yolk - here's what the chicken wore to cross the road

The popular childhood joke asks 'Why did the chicken cross the road?", the answer being - to get to the other side. The question today would be, what did the chicken wear to cross the road?

With chickens becoming more popular as pets, a man from Wardington in Oxfordshire has created high visibility jackets to keep them safe when they're out and about.

Johann Paul says motorists will be able to spot the birds when they are crossing the road.


Zoo keepers get ready to count ALL their animals!

It is one of the biggest jobs of the zoo calendar.

Staff at Drusillas in East Sussex are starting their annual New Year stock take.

Each and every one of the 1000 animals at the park will be checked and counted.

Flamingos at Drusillas Credit: Drusillas
As well as counting the monkeys, zoo keepers will have to count insects too! Credit: Drusillas

The process can take several days and counting the smaller animals takes a great deal of patience and time.

Senior Keeper Claudia Perryman said, "It's important to make sure our figures add up for all the animals in the zoo, so as well as counting monkeys we even have to count the stick insects and cockroaches!"

The zoo has seen many new arrivals which have to be counted, including this baby lemur Credit: Drusillas

Four puppies abandoned in a shoebox are on the mend

A litter of puppies are recovering, after being dumped in a shoebox over Christmas.

The four pups were discovered behind a supermarket in Canterbury, and are now being looked after at a rescue centre in Whitstable.

It's thought they were just a day old when they were abandoned. They've each been named after holiday pantomime characters.

Vulnerable pup left freezing in Newbury

The four-month-old puppy was abandoned in freezing conditions Credit: Dogs Trust

A four-month-old pup has been rescued in Berkshire after he was found starving and freezing.

Dogs Trust's slogan 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas' is being put into practice as they are hoping to rehome the puppy.

He was found as a stray and brought to the charity’s rehoming centre in Newbury, where is recovering after vets operated to pin his broken leg.

The puppy is now being looked after by Dogs Trust Credit: Dogs Trust

Jenny Hopkins, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Newbury, said: "We’d really like to see him in a home as soon as possible so we’re appealing to anyone who thinks they can offer Jingle a home to call Dogs Trust Newbury directly."

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