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No yolk - here's what the chicken wore to cross the road

The popular childhood joke asks 'Why did the chicken cross the road?", the answer being - to get to the other side. The question today would be, what did the chicken wear to cross the road?

With chickens becoming more popular as pets, a man from Wardington in Oxfordshire has created high visibility jackets to keep them safe when they're out and about.

Johann Paul says motorists will be able to spot the birds when they are crossing the road.


Zoo keepers get ready to count ALL their animals!

It is one of the biggest jobs of the zoo calendar.

Staff at Drusillas in East Sussex are starting their annual New Year stock take.

Each and every one of the 1000 animals at the park will be checked and counted.

Flamingos at Drusillas Credit: Drusillas
As well as counting the monkeys, zoo keepers will have to count insects too! Credit: Drusillas

The process can take several days and counting the smaller animals takes a great deal of patience and time.

Senior Keeper Claudia Perryman said, "It's important to make sure our figures add up for all the animals in the zoo, so as well as counting monkeys we even have to count the stick insects and cockroaches!"

The zoo has seen many new arrivals which have to be counted, including this baby lemur Credit: Drusillas

Four puppies abandoned in a shoebox are on the mend

A litter of puppies are recovering, after being dumped in a shoebox over Christmas.

The four pups were discovered behind a supermarket in Canterbury, and are now being looked after at a rescue centre in Whitstable.

It's thought they were just a day old when they were abandoned. They've each been named after holiday pantomime characters.

Vulnerable pup left freezing in Newbury

The four-month-old puppy was abandoned in freezing conditions Credit: Dogs Trust

A four-month-old pup has been rescued in Berkshire after he was found starving and freezing.

Dogs Trust's slogan 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas' is being put into practice as they are hoping to rehome the puppy.

He was found as a stray and brought to the charity’s rehoming centre in Newbury, where is recovering after vets operated to pin his broken leg.

The puppy is now being looked after by Dogs Trust Credit: Dogs Trust

Jenny Hopkins, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Newbury, said: "We’d really like to see him in a home as soon as possible so we’re appealing to anyone who thinks they can offer Jingle a home to call Dogs Trust Newbury directly."


Dorset charity bring Xmas to rescue dogs

One of their rescue dogs from last year at Christmas Credit: Margaret Green animal rescue

A animal charity in Dorset is appealing to the public to bring joy to a rescue dog by donating a box of goodies.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue in Blandford is asking the public to fill a shoebox to give to rescue dogs at Christmas.

Louise Keeling, who works for the charity, said: "This time of year is always difficult for us. We see an increase in animals coming into our care during the festive season and less people looking to give a rescued pet a forever home.

“If you would prefer to make a shoe box for a cat or chicken, or a larger animal such as a horse, pony or sheep, we have all of these animals in rescue at the moment and many more."

The public are invited to drop off their shoeboxes at either Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre, Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre for dogs and Church Knowle Animal Sanctuary and Visitor Centre is just behind Corfe Castle, near Wareham.

Reports of animal attacks up

The RSPCA is reporting increased attacks on animals and staff.

The charity says some of the animals it rescues have suffered injuries from weapons such as metal bars, knifes, and crossbows.

Air rifle attacks on cats are up by 40%. The charity says weapons are also increasingly being turned on RSPCA inspectors. Three out of four inspectors suffer some sort of abuse every year. Today the chairty launched a new appeal called Everyday Heros.

We spoke to Caroline Doe and Sally Jones from the RSPCA.

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Baby dormice saved

Two tiny dormice, which were found abandoned in a flowerpot, are being nursed back to health by carers at the Wildwood Trust near Canterbury.

The endangered animals are being fed a milk formula by hand every two hours and are slowly being weaned onto solid food. David Johns has been to see how they're getting on; he spoke to animal keeper Judi Dunn, and Wildwood's Chief Executive Peter Smith.

Rescued dormice battle to survive

Four tiny baby dormice discovered in a pot plant purchased from a garden centre are battling for survival at a wildlife park in Kent.

The tiny babies were taken to the Fur & Feather Wildlife Trust in Folkestone and experts are now mounting a 24 hour vigil.

Unfortunate two of the babies did not make it, showing just how their tiny lives hang on a knife edge.

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