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Blind Veterans UK victorious in archery competition

A Blind Veterans UK member takes aim Credit: Chris Nowell

Fifteen veterans from across the globe have taken part in an archery competition, despite them all being blind.

Challenges for the teams from the US and South Africa included shooting balloons at a distance of 20 feet and answering questions on each other's national cultures.

The UK were eventually the victorious team after winning their tie-breaker round!

The archery competition was just one of many activities to take place during a week long trip for the US Blinded Veterans Association.

They have teamed up with the Blind Veterans UK in an exchange programme call Project Gemini.

The project is helping the two organisations to share experiences and knowledgem about matters such as readjustment training, vision research and adaptive technology for the blind.


Bows and arrows stolen in Sussex burglary

Police are appealing for witnesses to a burglary where bows and arrows were stolen from a property in Potmans Lane, Catsfield, Battle.

Two bows and two sets of arrows were the only items stolen.

Bow and arrows stolen from a house in Battle Credit: Sussex Police

The bows are very distinct in appearance, one bow had a red body with white limbs and the other bow had a blue body with white limbs. The blue bow is a left handed one which makes it more unusual.

There was a set of 10 arrows with orange and blue fletchings and a set of ten arrows with red and white fletchings which were also stolen.