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A unique home in Dungeness

Nautical buildings have often been transformed into stunning homes. Spitbank Fort in the Solent has become a plush hotel, offering sea views like no other. But it's not the only one that's undergone a transformation.

The Experimental Station in Dungeness was where fog horns and the very first unmanned lighthouse were developed. But now it's a unique home. For the last in our series looking at the South's best buildings Stacey Poole has been along to see this pioneering place.

She spoke to the owner and designer Brian Johnson.



Olympic architect turns her sights to Oxford

She's one of the world's most renowned architects - a designer of some of the most famous buildings, including the Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park. But, at the moment her interest lies in the city of Oxford.

Dame Zaha Hadid was at the Middle East Centre at the University of Oxford - to unveil her designs for a brand new project that links the old with the new. Divya Kohli has been speaking to her and Dr Eugene Rogan from the University of Oxford, Middle East Centre.

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