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Army truck 'crashed into back of another vehicle'

An army officer and a sergeant suffered serious leg injuries after their four tonne truck crashed into the back of another vehicle during a training exercise.

A total of 11 soldiers were hospitalised following a smash between three military troop carriers on Salisbury Plain on Wednesday night.

Police released more details about the accident they believe happened when three trucks carrying Indian and British soldiers were travelling in convoy.

The front passengers of the rear truck were the most seriously injured - including an officer and a sergeant who were having leg surgery.

The driver of the third vehicle, another officer, suffered leg bruising and head injuries, while eight more people - all believed to be men - were also treated.

The crash happened at around 6.30pm on Wednesday in a field near to Westdown Camp, in Wiltshire.

Investigations are still ongoing but officers confirmed it is not believed mechanical failure played a part in the crash.

Officers, who have concluded a scene investigation, are now looking at potential human and environmental causes for the crash.

Two army officers seriously injured in Salisbury Plain crash

Police in Wiltshire are investigating the road accident involving military vehicles on Salisbury Plain. There were at least 20 casualties.

Officers carried out a detailed examination of the area overnight to determine how this incident happened.

Two army officers, who were air lifted by air ambulance to Southampton General Hospital, have life-changing injuries. Both have serious injuries to their legs. They were travelling in the third truck in the convoy. The third officer in this vehicle sustained minor head and leg injuries. He was taken to Salisbury District Hospital.

A total of nine people were taken to Salisbury District Hospital with minor injuries.


Army staff sergeant meets paramedic who saved her life

A former army staff sergeant who lost her leg in a motorbike crash in Wiltshire has met the paramedic who saved her life. Elaine Corner was seriously injured in the accident near Tidworth four years ago. It was thanks to the fast response of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance that she could be treated at the scene. This weekend she was taking part in the Best of British Polo day at Tidworth. Penny Silvester reports

Gruelling challenge for soldiers in the jungle

Soldiers from the South East's Princess of Wales Royal Regiment have been put through their paces in a gruelling programme in the jungles of Central America.

Last night we joined them as they battled through thick foliage and sweltering heat. In our second special report from Belize, the troops have been left to fend for themselves.

That means searching for food, building shelters and starting fires. But did it all go to plan? Matt Price reports.

More than a hundred years of military history comes to an end

A ceremony to mark the closure of the army's South East Brigade took part in Dover today, bringing more than a hundred years of military history to an end.The Brigade, which has its HQ in Folkestone, will merge with another in Hampshire. It's part of a wider campaign to restructure the army. Andrea Thomas was at the service. In her report we hear from the outgoing Commander of 2 (South East) Brigade, Brigadier Chris Claydon and Armed Forces Minister Mark Francois MP.


Ebola round-up: how the region is responding to crisis

Army medics are, tonight, preparing to travel to West Africa - to join efforts to stop the deadly Ebola virus spreading.

Teams from Aldershot have been practising in a 'mock' hospital unit to prepare themselves - or at least try to prepare - for what lies ahead in Sierra Leone.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports are getting ready to screen passengers arriving from areas affected by the disease.

Juliette Fletcher has been speaking to families waiting anxiously for news of relatives - and to the fundraisers who want to help.

Army regiment bids farewell with parade through Bicester

Crowds expected to say farewell Credit: ITV news

The British Army will bid farewell to 23 Pioneer Regiment later today - a parade through Bicester will mark decades of faithful service. The regiment is being disbanded following recent defence cuts. The Duke of Gloucester will take the Royal Salute and the Regimental flag will be ceremonially lowered for the last time.

In recent operations the Regiment has carried out force protection duties, provided Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Search teams, as well as carrying out construction tasks in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 1917-1921 the Pioneers were known as the Labour Corps before becoming the Pioneer Corps in 1940. Other units will take up residence at St David's Barracks. The Pioneers long association with Bicester will remain, as the town has named its new shopping centre, 'Pioneer Square'.

New unit for GPs and nurses serving on the frontline

They're the doctors and nurses that care for our soldiers when serving abroad, yet how many of us realised that army medics were actually reserves? A new field hospital unit has opened in Brighton to help recruit everyday GPs and nurses to save lives on the frontline.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Major Jason Bolton, Colonel Liz Coles and Honorary Colonel Aidan Halligan.

Lucky local residents as army shell explodes in field

Video. A wayward army shell narrowly missed two villages, a school, a main railway line and a road, before exploding in a farmers' field. It was fired on Salisbury Plain, landing five miles away from the usual army training area and landing near the village of Patney.

Live firing has been suspended as a military investigation is underway.

Robert Murphey reports and spoke to Farmer Andrew Snook.

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