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Gold diggers descend on Folkestone beach

A German artist has sparked an extraordinary 'gold rush' on the Kent coast. Hundreds of people with buckets, spades and metal detectors have descended on the beach at Folkestone Harbour to search for buried bullion.

Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer has hidden 30 bars of pure gold under the sand as part of a public art festival. A few fortune-hunters have struck gold. But 20-plus of the ingots are still there for the taking.

David Johns explains, talking to treasure-seekers and the project organiser Claire Doherty.


Smuggled art goes under the hammer

'The Abduction of Helen of Troy', Credit: ITV Meridian

A painting smuggled out of Russia by its aristocratic owner during the Bolshevik Revolution is going under the hammer in Canterbury.

Its owner rolled up the canvas when they fled Crimea to Constantinople over ninety years ago. The man then passed it onto his grandson.


Man who lives with a puppet

A student at the University of Kent has attached himself to a life-size puppet skeleton for two weeks, wearing it everywhere he goes, day and night. Peter John-Morton says the work, called Ridley, "gives a dead object the chance to experience the phenomenon of life".

David Johns has his story, talking to puppet man Peter John-Morton, stage manager Lizzie Watkins, and Peter's girlfriend Lucy Western.

Art beneath the dockyard timbers

An art exhibition with a difference has opened in north Kent not in a gallery, but beneath the ancient timbers of Chatham's Historic Dockyard.

The works exhibited owe much to the light and life of Chatham's watery past. As Jenny Line reports it's a history stretching back to centuries past - and for one artist at least, a very personal perspective.

Jenny speaks to Alex Patterson of the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, and exhibitors Sheilagh Dyson and Jack McDonagh.

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