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Water wonderland in Maidstone hospital

Maidstone A&E Credit: ITV Meridian

Pupils at a school in Snodland in Kent have redecorated Maidstone Hospital's A and E department.

Students studying GCSE art visited the hospital site to take photographs and make careful plans and drawings before returning to school to work on their designs.

Holmesdale’s Head of Art, Mrs Fenella Ross-Elmer, said: “This was a valuable opportunity to extend our students’ skills in a professional situation."

"It gives us the chance to enrich the lives of children waiting in the emergency area, to add a splash of colour and to create a visionary space for those waiting.”

New children's waiting area Credit: ITV Meridian



  1. Derek Johnson

Will the Jerwood work?

The £4m Jerwood art gallery in Hastings opens its doors tomorrow at 10am.

The building, on the seafront by the fishing fleet, houses a collection of paintings from artists such as Rose Wylie from Kent, L.S. Lowrie, and David Bomberg.

It's hoped the venue will help to revitalise the town though some people feel it's in the wrong place and too costly - £2 for locals and £7 for non-residents.

Time will tell if this gallery can exert the same effect on Hastings as the Turner Contemporary has on Margate in Kent.

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