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Aspirin cancer trial launches in Southampton

A new trial investigating whether high doses of aspirin can help prevent permanent hearing loss is being launched in Southampton today. Hearing loss is a common side effect for cancer patients taking the chemotherapy drug cisplatin.

The trial is looking for patients who have been prescribed the drug at hospitals in Southampton Bournemouth and Poole.

Half of the patients will be given 4 daily doses of high-dose aspirin each time they receive the standard cisplatin treatment.

The remainder will be treated with a placebo for the same four days, with their cisplatin. All patients will be given a hearing test just before starting their treatment and at one week and three months thereafter.

I was asked to take part in the COAST trial and as I was in and out of hospital so much anyway, I was happy to help. Being involved with research that could ultimately make such a difference to a person's life is fantastic. Going through chemotherapy is tough and the side effects are challenging. Hopefully this trial will be successful and people undergoing the sort of treatment I have will not have to suffer with hearing loss too. My personal goal now is to get back to full fitness and live my life. Doctors have removed everything they can, so hopefully I will stay cancer free."

– Alan Fox from Southampton - suffered hearing loss after taking the drug