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Former 'House of the year' sold at auction with same decor from 50 years ago

Now, cast your mind back to a time when bathrooms came in colour, wall to wall carpets were the latest thing, and your party guests enjoyed warm nibbles from a Hostess hot-plate!

If you think that's all from a time gone by, you'd be right, except at one house.

A former winner of "House of the Year", which has just been sold at auction, with all fixtures, fittings and decorations exactly as they were fifty years ago.

Andy Bevan went along to have a look.

Winston Churchill's chewed cigar up for auction

The cigar was kept in this paper bag Credit: Duke’s of Dorchester

The chewed end of a cigar smoked by Winston Churchill in his hospital bed is expected to fetch up to £1000 at auction in Dorset today.

The former Prime Minister smoked it in 1962 while was recuperating from a fractured hip. Smoking was allowed in hospitals at that time and the stubbed out cigar was saved by a student nurse and kept in a paper bag.

It will go under the hammer in Dorchester.

Titanic letter to go under the hammer

This letter from the owners of the Titanic will be sold at auction Credit: Henry Aldridge & Son

A letter from the owners of the Titanic to the family of an officer who died when the ship sunk, is to be sold at auction in Wiltshire.

It asks for money to return the body of James Moody, to England.

He was on watch when the ship struck the iceberg. However his remains were never found.


Royal French chair to go under the hammer

This chair once belonged to Princess Marie Antoinette Murat of France Credit: Duke's of Dorchester

Duke’s of Dorchester, Dorset are to sell a 200 year old chair that was once owned by a glamorous French princess. The chair originally belonged to Princess Marie Antoinette Murat (1793-1847 ) whose famous Uncle Joachim Murat, King of the Two Sicilies from 1808 to 1815, was brother-in-law to Napoleon through marriage to Napoleon’s younger sister, Caroline Bonaparte.

The chair, which is thought to date from around 1810, is typical for the style that became favourable during the Napoleonic reign, for example, the intricately caned seat, gilt paintwork and Egyptian-head decorated legs.

It was later acquired by Field Marshal Lord Grenfell, GCB, GCMG, FSA, where it featured in his Napoleonic Collection before presenting it in February 1920 to Bournemouth Natural Science Society. A label still remaining on the chair is testament to the gift.

Napoleonic related items are well sought after at auction and there have been some astounding results in recent years. Napoleon Bonaparte is arguably the most famous historic figure in French history and thus creates strong interest from collectors all over the world. Recently a bicorn hat belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte sold for £1.25 million proving that the market is very strong.

This chair, aptly described by Duke’s Auctioneers as “Fit for a Princess” is to be sold in a specialist furniture auction on 5th December estimated at £800-£1600.

Spectacular horse sculptures to be sold at auction

One of the horse's heads being sold at auction Credit: Summer Place Auctions

A fascinating auction is due to take place at Billingshurst in West Sussex. Camden Lock is now famous for its market – the fourth most popular London visitors' attraction, with around 100,000 visitors each weekend – but it used to be known for the Pickford horse stables and horse hospital.

To commemorate the origins of the market, the owners commissioned a number of bronzes, mainly depicting horses and those working with them, to be installed around the market and in the market halls in the 1990s.

Some of these life-sized bronzes will now be sold at auction in Summers Place Auction's Sculpture and Design for the House and Garden live sale on 21 and 22 October.

Eighteen bronzes and statues will be included in the live sale and the particular highlights are the two monumental horse's heads, both about 3.2 metres high and 3.7 metres wide, they are being sold as individual lots, with an estimate of £15,000 – 25,000 each.

Also included in the sale is a bronze stallion, which is over two metres high and estimated at £5,000 – 8,000.

Manston Airport equipment to be sold at auction

Fire engines, baggage belts and aircraft steps from Manston Airport in Kent are being put up for sale.

They're among more than a hundred lots in an online auction selling equipment from the closed down airfield. Manston was shut almost two months ago by its owners - who said it was losing ten thousand pounds a day. There was a massive campaign to save it.

ITV Meridian spoke to MP for North Thanet, Sir Roger Gale.

New online auction system launched for livestock

These two sheep have made history by becoming the first to be sold on an online auction site just for livestock.

The Dorset cross lambs were sold on Sell My Livestock, which is the only online auction system of its kind in the UK.

Sussex farmer Andrew Huxham bought the lambs for his father-in-law.

The two Dorset-cross lambs Credit: Oxtale

He said, "With time and cost top of the mind at the moment, we wanted to see how the system worked. We were impressed with the level of detail submitted about the lambs so when we went to look at them, they were exactly what we expected.

"We're really pleased with the lambs, they're settling in well and enjoying the early summer grass!"

Sell My Livestock was launched last week and already has 425 farmers registered, 1,230 cattle registered on the system and 254 animals now available for sale.

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