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Sussex backpacker happy to be alive after rescue

A backpacker lost in the Australian outback for three days has spoken of his survival in temperatures reaching more than forty degrees. Former Brighton College head boy Sam Woodhead failed to return to a cattle station in Queensland on Tuesday.

His mother Claire Derry said he was 'within hours of death' when a rescue helicopter spotted his shorts, which the eighteen year old had put on top of an SOS signal. Here Sam speaks for the first time about his ordeal.



British backpacker 'very fortunate' to be alive

A British backpacker who went missing for three days in the Australian outback said he felt "very fortunate" to be alive, in an interview with Sky News.

Sam Woodhead
Sam Woodhead was missing for three days. Credit: Family handout

Sam Woodhead became lost after going out for a jog from the Queensland cattle station where he was working.

The 18-year-old lost two stone in weight and survived the blistering 40C heat by drinking contact lens fluid and his own urine.

Woodhead said: "It was a really amazing feeling to be picked up and realise that I was actually going to make it through...and it wasn't going to be the end."

Claire Derry, Sam's mother, said: "His birth was one of the best moments of my life, and this is pretty close to it, getting him back again, because I was pretty convinced it was touch and go. I did an awful lot of praying during that flight."

Watch: Family overwhelmed after missing backpacker is found.



ITV News speaks to mother of backpacker found after three days missing

The mother of a backpacker from Richmond, who's been missing in the Australian Outback for more than three days, has spoken of her relief after he found safe and well.

Eighteen year old Samuel Woodhead was reported missing in Queensland on Tuesday after he never returned from a jog. ITV News' Hannah Emerson-Thomas was the first to speak to his mother Claire, as she touched down in Australia to see him.

Anger at Titanic II

People from the South have reacted angrily to the news that an Australian billionaire wants to rebuild an exact replica of the Titanic. Clive Palmer says that he hopes to build the ship in China. 550 people from Southampton lost their lives when the Titanic sank 100 years ago.

"Typical, trying to make money out of a legendary memory, that was a real thing its not a movie. I say to leave it and respect the one & only titanic and the people who lost thier lives on it that fateful evening."

– Hayley Keating on Facebook

"Obviously safety procedures and features will have to be followed by law so it won't be an exact replica of an already flawed design. Personally I can see it as a positive tribute to those who died as long as it is tastefully done and caters for those who have a genuine interest in the history of the titanic and not just the rich fat cats who use it for a claim to fame"

– Rachael Kinnear on Facebook

"Taste and respect are things of the past and where there is money to be made, there will be an opportunist rubbing his fat hands and putting £/$ in the bank ahead of peoples feelings. Sad but true."

– Georgie Elliott on Facebook
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