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Appeal for dash cam footage as search for Baby M's mother continues

Police officers in Aldershot - searching for the mother of a baby found dead in a park - are asking motorists in Aldershot to check their dash cam footage.

The body of Baby M was found in Manor Park on Friday afternoon (19th May).

Officers are keen to find her mother to ensure she gets the urgent medical attention she needs.

They believe Baby M may have been left in the park sometime between the evening of Sunday 14th May and Tuesday 16th May.

...we are asking motorists who drove along High Street, Aldershot, between 4pm on Sunday, May 14 and any time on Tuesday, May 16, to check any dash cam footage they may have from that time.

We believe Baby M was left in the park between these times, so we would like any motorists who drove along High Street to go back through any footage they may have to see if they notice anything that could help us.

Did you capture any footage of anyone in a distressed state, walking uncomfortably, or squatting or leaning against the trees opposite Kwik Fit? Is there anything on there that appears out of place or unusual?

If so, please contact us and give up your footage, it could make a significant difference to our enquiries and could help us to ensure the mother of Baby M gets medical treatment.”

– Chief Inspector Debbie Brooks