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  1. Tom Savvides

Parents want answers to death of baby in hospital

The heartbroken parents of a baby girl who died at a hospital in Kent claim her life could have been saved if she'd been monitored properly. Summer Palmer was born prematurely at twenty five weeks but developed sepsis a few days later. Her parents have obtained notes from Medway Maritime Hospital which, they say, show tests were not carried out as regularly as they should have been. But the hospital trust insists that everything to safeguard baby Summer was done. Tom Savvides reports.

  1. Tom Savvides

Tearful mum recalls how baby died in cot at centre of safety warning

A mother has broken down in tears as she spoke of the horrifying moment she found her baby daughter dead in a cot at the family home in Sussex. Grace Roseman was seven weeks old when she died in Haywards Heath. A coroner has already issued a safety warning about the crib. The inquest into baby Grace's death resumed in Horsham. This report by Tom Savvides contains flashing images and pictures from the bednest website.


  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

Grieving parents say newborn baby girl was denied a potentially lifesaving test because of "cost"

The grieving parents of a baby girl have told ITV Meridian that their daughter was denied a test which could have saved her life because, they claim, it was considered too expensive.

Summer Palmer died at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham after developing a blood infection. Her mother and father, from Snodland near Maidstone, say a consultant told them monitoring tests were not done because of the cost.

Medway Maritime Hospital says an urgent review will be carried out to look into the accusations.

Sarah Saunders spoke to parents Simon Palmer and Lisa Standen.

The midwife who saved a baby's life

A Hampshire mother says she can't thank her midwife enough for saving her baby's life. Nikki Legg form Waterlooville had complications in the final weeks of her pregnancy.

Her close relationship with the maternity staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth ensured baby Jameson survived. And gave mother Nikki the confidence to have a second child as Sally Simmonds reports.

Woman falls into coma, then wakes up to find she has given birth to daughter

A woman who fell into a coma after a massive brain haemorrhage awoke three months later - to find she'd given birth to a daughter.

Colvina Jolin, from Horndean, in Hampshire, was 23 weeks pregnant when she became seriously ill. Doctors gave her a 10 per cent chance of surviving.

They had no idea if they could save her unborn child, Maia. Andrew Pate has the family's extraordinary story.

  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

VIDEO: Could this be Britain's biggest baby?

A first-time mother from Kent thinks her baby son might just be Britain's biggest baby.

Diana Kuznetsova from Lower Hardres HARDZ near Canterbury was delighted to welcome her son Jack Castle into the world - two weeks past his due date.

Since then, Jack has grown, and grown, and grown. He's now the size of some one-year-olds - and shows no signs of slowing down. Not bad for 14 weeks.

Sarah Saunders, went along to meet them.


Is this Britain's biggest baby?

Jack Castle was born at 11lbs 11oz Credit: ITV Meridian

A first-time mother from Kent thinks her three month-old son - might just be Britain's biggest baby.

A couple from Lower Hardres near Canterbury were delighted to welcome their son Jack into the world - two weeks past his due date.

Since then young Jack Castle has grown to the size of some 1-year olds in his first 14 weeks.

Cot warning after seven-week-old baby dies in Sussex

7-week-old Grace Roseman died in Bednest crib

A coroner has expressed concern over a bedside cot after a newborn baby from Haywards Heath was killed while she slept.

Seven-week-old Grace Roseman died while using a crib which could be joined onto her parents' bed.

She had manoeuvred herself over the edge of the Bednest - cutting off the supply of oxygen to her brain.

Grace Roseman was sleeping in a Bednest like this when she died. Credit: Bednest

‘We are greatly saddened and extend our heartfelt condolences to Grace’s parents.

We are doubly upset to hear this news, since the concept behind Bednest’s design is first and foremost about baby health and safety and came originally from highly experienced neo-natal nurses.

It is not the case that the coroner has called the cot “dangerous” and asked for it to be withdrawn.

The coroner has highlighted that all safety guidelines for the correct use of the crib are laid out in the instruction manual, but due to a growing second-hand market for our Bednest cribs, these instruction manuals may not be passed on. This may be, sadly, what happened with Grace’s crib.

We are now considering displaying basic instructions on the side of the crib itself.'

– Spokesperson for Bednest
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