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Young badger rescued after falling five foot down garden well

A badger had to be rescued from a dry well in Sussex on Sunday morning.

The young badger had been out exploring during the night had fallen around 5ft down the well in a back garden in Ewhurst Close, Hastings.

Volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue managed to lift it out and release it straight away as it wasn't injured.

The charity says it's the fourth call out to young badgers they've had so far this year.

"It's a good job the well was not deeper or this rescue would have been a lot harder.

It looks like another badger, possibly its mum had been digging around the outside of the well trying to rescue its youngster"

– Trevor Weeks, Duty Rescue Co-ordinators


Bodger and Badger fight badger cull

Bodger and Badger are returning to oppose the badger cull Credit: PA

Children's television show Bodger And Badger is to return for a one-off special in opposition to the badger cull, in partnership with a West Sussex-based charity.

The show aired on BBC throughout the 1990s and focused on the capers of mash potato-loving Badger.

Now show creator Andy Cunningham has made a YouTube version of the show where Badger unwittingly gets involved in the badger cull.

It has been filmed in conjunction with Sussex wildlife charity Care For The Wild.

Andy said: "When we heard this cull was really going to go ahead, Badger and Ithought we ought to do something, because the case for culling just doesn't addup."

To watch the video and find out more about the campaign against culling

Badger Vaccination Appeal

In order to protect local badgers, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust will start to vaccinate the badgers across the region against bTB in July this year.

Badgers need to be vaccinated to avoid culling in the summer Credit: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Badgers play a big part in the spread of Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) which can have a devastating effect on cattle and cattle farmers.

The Environment Secretary Owen Paterson announced earlier in the year that pilot badger culls will go ahead in June.

The Badger Vaccination Appeal has already raised over £39,000 towards initial costs of the programme but the appeal's target is £45,000.

Donations can be made via phone or cheque in the post to the Trust.