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Former Dale Farm travellers face eviction

Travellers camped on a site next to Dale Farm - which was cleared last year - face further council action to have them moved on. The action will not be taken until a judicial review lodged by travellers over earlier enforcement notices is resolved.

"The way we're treated, it's like we're not human beings - we're seen as a problem that they need to get rid of.

"There are more travellers than there are sites, so where do they expect us to live? It's so hard to tell my children that we're never going to get to go home."

– Mary Flynn, a former Dale Farm resident

Travellers face more council action

Travellers displaced after the eviction of Dale Farm are facing a second operation to have them moved from a neighbouring site. Those living on the roadside at Oak Lane will be moved after Basildon Council voted in favour of further action.

"Whilst I cannot comment directly on the committee decision, it is clearly in line with our determination to enforce and uphold the law but tempered with the need to make sensible and pragmatic decisions based on the situation.

"Nothing has changed in our attitude to dealing with illegal development or protecting the green belt, and we remain a local authority that will continue to deal with law breaking and serious breaches of planning control."

– Tony Ball, leader of the council