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Base jumpers parachute from Beachy Head

Eastbourne Council are warning people to stay away from the edge after footage was released of a group of so-called daredevils jumping off Beachy Head with parachutes.

The sixteen jumpers leaped from the 530ft cliff in East Sussex on Sunday in a bid to change the areas reputation for tragedy.

It's not the first time people have been warned about going to close to the cliffs at the beauty spot.

Andy Dickenson reports.

Andy spoke to photographer Jack Adams

As with all natural or wild environments it is important to take care. This applies to everyone, whether simply walking or involved in other leisure pursuits and sports. Members of the public should always stay a safe distance away from the cliff edge at Beachy Head and away from the cliff face when relaxing on the beach beneath.''

– Eastbourne Borough Council


Warning after man seen sitting on cliff edge

Dover Coastguard are warning people not to sit on cliff edges Credit: Guy Hollingworth

There are renewed calls today for people not to behave recklessly after pictures of a man sitting on the cliff edge at Beachy Head in Sussex were released

This section of coastline has seen erosion take place over the past year. Dover Coastguard say the cliff edge is still dangerous - and they're warning the public to keep well away.

Beachy Head lighthouse gets a lick of fresh paint

Beachy Head lighthouse, before its lick of paint Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

After a campaign, which raised £27,000, to revive the fading stripes of Beachy Head lighthouse, the painting has been completed in just under three weeks.

A team of five workmen have applied several coats of paint to freshen up the appearance of the 141ft lighthouse.

Martin Griffin, the managing director of Hailsham-based Sussex Blast Cleaning, which has over seen the project said, "We have done it in just under three weeks. We lost four days due to some bad weather but we have worked quite quickly using sprays, rollers and brushes.

"Crown Paints, which has donated the paint used in the project, say it should last up to 10 years.

"It looks absolutely brilliant now, particularly with the sun shining on it."

One person believed to be dead after cliff fall

The scene at Beachy Head where a coastguard rescue worker said one person is believed to have died after a car drove over the cliffs. Credit: PA

A coastguard rescue worker said one person is believed to have died after a car drove over the cliffs at Beachy Head today.

Emergency services were called to the cliffs at Cow Gap, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, at 2.02pm following a call to the Solent Coastguard.

Don Ellis, senior officer at Birling Gap lifeboat station, said the inshore lifeboat had not been able to find the car at first, which was eventually located by the Sussex Police helicopter.

He said he believed there was only one person inside the vehicle but rescue efforts had been hampered by the incoming tide.

He said: "We got to the top of the cliffs at 2.30pm but we had to wait for the fire brigade because the lifeboat crew could not extract the casualty.

"The fire brigade were on scene at 4pm and left Birling Gap on a boat with a lifeboat crew.

"Unfortunately, the tide has beaten us and we are coming back here at 8.30pm. The crew will go out from Eastbourne lifeboat station and use their cutting gear to extract the casualty."

Mr Ellis said the car had been stabilised by firefighters during high tide and they would be back later in the evening once the tide had gone out.

A coroner's officer for East Sussex will remain at the scene until the body is recovered, he said.


'Car seen driving over Beachy Head'

Police have been called to an incident at Beachy Head following reports that a car was seen driving over the cliffs this afternoon.

Emergency services, including the Dover Coastguard and the RNLI lifeboat, were called to the scene near Eastbourne at 2.02pm.

A Coastguard spokesman confirmed they were in attendance and were in the middle of dealing with the incident.

Police confirm motorist has died in hospital after cliff fall

Sussex Police have confirmed that a driver who initially survived his car going over a cliff last night, has died in hospital.

The Eastbourne RNLI had launched a rescue in at a time of rising tide, after being alerted at 6.23pm on Friday October 13.

Sussex Police and the coroner are investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.

"The man was thrown from the vehicle and when we got there we were expecting the worst but we found he was alive and luckily we had the doctor onboard.

"It was dreadful conditions in the dark and with a heavy surf and one crewman had to swim ashore as we could not get the inshore lifeboat in.

"The operation took around three-and-a-half hours as the coastguard helicopter had to come back to pick up the crew who went ashore."

– Eastbourne RNLI spokesman Bob Jeffery

Driver survives car going over cliff

A driver has survived their car falling 400 feet down the cliffs at Beachy Head in Sussex on the evening of Friday October 12.

Eastbourne RNLI's two rescue boats and the Coastguard helicopter were involved in what crew members are calling a dramatic rescue and a 'miraculous survival' in challenging conditions, with a rising tide.

The motorist had been thrown clear of the car and was alive on land, but with serious injuries.

A doctor was called to the scene and the casualty was flown to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

The RNLI Coxswain Mark Sawyer said he was extremely proud of the response and professionalism of his volunteer crew in what were extremely difficult conditions.

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