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A Taste Of History

They were once a familiar sight in our towns and cities. Most breweries used dray horses to deliver barrels of beer to pubs and ale houses, but sadly they were made redundant by mechanised horse power.

Now, though, a brewery in Sussex is turning back the clock and its horses are becoming a firm favourite with people with in and around Lewes. Charlotte Wilkins has been to see them at work.

Bottle of Britain takes on the world

Britain's oldest brewer is to take on the world. Shepherd Neame, based in Faversham, have agreed a deal with an international distributor to sell their products around the globe.

They are hoping to cash in on what is seen as an increasing thirst for British beer in overseas markets. Alongside this deal, the company has also agreed to tie up with a North American brewer which will see it expand existing output in Canada and the United States.



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