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Extra funding needed to help pay for adult social care

West Berkshire Councillors will be asked to approve a 3% council tax rise Credit: ITV news

West Berkshire council could be increasing council tax by 3% to help fund the demand in adult social care.

A full council meeting, on Thursday 2 March will determine if the rates will rise over 2017/2018.

The council already spends around £38m on social care. However, with the number of residents aged over 65 growing by 3% annually this means that the number of people qualifying for support from the council increases as well.

Social care might be needed at any time in your life and we all want to be sure that help will be there if we need it. This is an important area and we need to fund it properly if we are to continue providing help to those who need it most.

– Councillor Rick Jones

As well as applying an adult social care precept to the council tax bill, council tax itself will also increase by 1.99% as part of a budget which requires the council to save £8.9m next year.



Revealed- Fred's Finnish doppelganger

Credit: @SirCarlaJohnson

Thank you to eagle-eyed Carla Johnson who spotted this portrait hanging on a wall at her university in Finland.

She tweeted the image, pointing out the uncanny resemblance to a certain popular TV personality.

Could they possibly be related?

Fred thinks so. He responded, tweeting "Thank you Carla. You have found my lost long twin who ran off to sea aboard a Finnish fishing boat docked in Pompey during a squall in 1957."

The original

Here at Meridian we would dearly love to know who the mystery man actually is - Could you get a close up of the name Carla?!

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