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VIDEO REPORT: Corbyn appeals for unity as Portsmouth Labour leader quits

Phil Hornby puts the Labour leader on the spot Credit: ITV Meridian

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Meridian that his party must show unity, after he was re-elected with overwhelming support from party members.

But there's still dissent in the ranks- with John Ferrett, the leader of the Labour group in Portsmouth quitting the party today, saying it's no longer a credible opposition.

The only two local Labour MPs - Peter Kyle and Alan Whitehead - have also criticised Mr Corbyn's leadership.

Mr Kyle has come under pressure from some activists in Brighton and Hove who want him replaced- it all adds up to a bit of a soap opera.

This from our political correspondent Phil Hornby.


VIDEO REPORT: It's the Jeremy V Kyle show! But can Labour win the South East?

Phil Hornby puts the Labour leader in the spot Credit: ITV Meridian

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has given public backing to the Hove MP Peter Kyle, who is the South East's sole Labour MP.

Some of Mr Corbyn's supporters in Brighton and Hove have said they want him replaced. In fact, membership in that area has trebled since last year's election, to around 6,000.

But Mr Corbyn's words are unlikely to end the divisions.

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby reports from the labour conference in Liverpool

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